Organizing nuts and bolts

Today, instead of sharing some more of my typical “nuts and bolts of organizing” strategies, I’m going to show you how I literally organize the nuts and bolts I find around the house.

We inherited this handy storage container from the previous owners of our home. It was dirty and covered in cobwebs, but after I gave it a good scrubbing, it was as good as new. Side note: I am often surprised at how many great finds people pass up at yard sales, auctions, etc. just because the stuff is dirty. Personally, I’ve never been afraid to put in a little elbow grease to save a buck. There are exceptions of course … sometimes you have to walk away! 🙂 

I labeled and filled the container, leaving a few bins open for future designation.

Honestly, our basement and garage are a total disaster right now and I feel like we needed to start the organizing process somewhere. So this seemed like a logical first step. My plan is to work on the garage this spring/summer and eventually hang this container on the wall for quick access to those little items I need on a regular basis, like picture framing hardware, nails and screws.

Do you have a method for organizing tiny objects? Is your basement and garage a total war zone like mine?