Living Rich on Less was created in July 2011 and is currently ranked in the top 1 percent of home and garden blogs at Blog Top Sites (out of nearly 5,000 blogs). This blog is primarily targeted to women interested in finding ways to make their homes more beautiful and well-organized and their lives more purposeful and peaceful.

Posts typically center around the topics of decorating, organizing, cleaning, and home and life improvement. Occasionally they will include information about fashion, entertaining, food, parenting, and enhancing physical and spiritual health.

Readership and support for LROL continue to grow steadily, so now is the time to take advantage of available advertising space. Ad blocks start at $30 a month. Discounted annual contracts are available.

Blog traffic statistics (first quarter 2015)

  • Google Analytics 30-day snapshot – Pageviews: 73,919; Visits: 57,492; Unique visitors: 52,817
  • Email subscribers: 3,063
  • Social media followers: 9,365 (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Hometalk)

Product reviews

Did you know that nearly half (48%) of retailers do not offer product ratings or reviews on their websites, even though reviews are statistically known to be a critical component of an effective shopping experience for customers?

Give your company and products an edge over the competition by allowing me to test your product(s) and post a review on my blog regarding my experience with them. I only agree to test products that fit with the theme of this website – products that enhance our homes and lives in some way (e.g. organizing supplies, tools, sewing and craft supplies, books, cooking/cleaning supplies, inspirational gifts, etc.) Please browse the blog to explore whether or not your product/service may be appropriate for me to review.

Often, retailers will offer a giveaway of the product/service in conjunction with a review. I always prefer this method when reviewing as I believe it adds the most value for my readers.

I also specialize in providing video reviews and tutorials featuring products. I post these videos on both my blog and YouTube channel and I allow brands I’m collaborating with to use the video and blog content on their own social channels as well. To view examples of my videos, click here.

Promoting your business through giveaways

In addition to purchasing ad space, offering a giveaway item through my blog is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness for and promote your business and products.

I typically run giveaways for one to two weeks, promoting them regularly on my social channels while the giveaway is open for entries.

If you are interested in advertising or would like to request a product review or giveaway on LROL, please fill out the contact form below so I can quickly respond. I look forward to working with you!

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