Frequently asked questions …

What paint colors are used throughout your home?

I am definitely no stranger to trying different brands of paint. But my favorite to work with is Valspar from Lowe’s (followed by Sherwin-Williams – but it is typically more expensive). I’ve found that Valspar and Sherwin Williams paints tend to cover more evenly and fully than other brands without leaving behind roller or brush marks.

Living room/kitchen/foyer – Iced Chocolate CI 60 – Valspar (from Lowe’s)

Master bathroom – Samovar Silver – Sherwin Williams 

Master bedroom – Smoky Pitch 4007-4B – Valspar (from Lowe’s)

Guest bathroom – Hot Cocoa 3056 – Clark & Kensington (from Ace Hardware)

Dining room – Cinnabark UL130-22 – Behr (from Home Depot)

Half bath – Red Delicious – Glidden (from Walmart)

Nursery – Balsam Beige 96221 (from Walmart)

Office – Oatlands Subtle Taupe – Valspar (from Lowe’s)

Where did you get the drapery panels in your living room?

I bought them from Walmart.com. They are the Better Homes and Gardens Campari Panels. Unfortunately, the site no longer carries the panels in my color palette.

Where did you get your living room sofa/chaise?

I bought it from JCPenney.com. It is called the Custom Sectional, Choices 2-pc. Sofa with Chaise. I ordered mine in microfiber camel. Click here for details.

Here’s what I like about our sofa/chaise:

  1. Although it doesn’t match our walls exactly, the colors blend well with all the other furniture, accessories and curtains in the room. I’ve learned from interior design books that neutral shades don’t necessarily have to match each other when placed together in the same room. Mixing shades mimics what you would find in nature. This concept works well in our living room.
  2. The covers slip off the cushions, so they can easily be washed. (Praise God!)
  3. The length of the piece allows our whole family to lounge on one piece of furniture comfortably.
  4. The cushions are the same on all sides, so they can be flipped to keep their shape.
  5. JCPenney delivered it right to my door and set it up for me. (I also had a free shipping coupon.)

Here’s what I don’t like about our sofa/chaise:

  1. I’ve had the couch for a little more than a year, and I already notice certain spots losing their fluffiness. The next time I need a couch, I will spring for one that has springs (ha!) in the cushions, so the piece keeps its shape for longer.

Where did you get the chandelier in your dining room?

It came from Pottery Barn (purchased at a hefty discount with a coupon and rewards points) and it was a splurge. It is the Camilla 6-arm Chandelier. I have seen “knock-off” versions at Lowe’s and Home Depot for a lot less.