Gadgets I’m loving right now

Hello friends! The flip house project is nearing its finish line, so I thought I’d take a step back briefly (i.e. I need a break, people!) and share with you a few gadgets I am totally crushing on right now.

1. SnapPower Guidelight


I just installed this SnapPower Guidelight in our son’s bedroom and I’m installing another one in our downstairs hallway.


This nightlight is built into the cover plate of an outlet, so it always leaves both outlets open. It only took me about one minute to install. It looks just like a standard cover plate, so the kiddos aren’t tempted to mess with it.


2. SnapPower Charger


I installed a SnapPower Charger where my husband powers up his phone and I’m going to put another one where I charge mine.

This USB charger is built into the cover plate of the outlet, so both outlets are always open for other stuff. Again, it took me only about 60 seconds to install it. I like that this gadget keeps the room looking less cluttered and more organized. That makes me smile. 🙂

3. Purdy® Contractor 5 in 1 Tool

Purdy 5 in 1 tool

I don’t think there has been one single day I haven’t used this tool in some capacity at the flip house. If you don’t have one of these, run to your nearest home improvement store and pick one up. Seriously … so many uses!

4. Kobalt 7-inch End Cutting Pliers

Kobalt pliers

If you need to pull staples from flooring or remove/cut nails from hard-to-reach spots, these pliers are your tool. This tool saved me a ton of time and made light work of the dirty task of removing millions of staples from hardwood flooring.

So there you go, a few gadgets I’m loving – and using – around my house and the flip project.

Special thanks to SnapPower for providing, at my request, the SnapPower Guidelight and SnapPower Charger featured in this post. As always, all opinions and projects are 100-percent mine. 

DIY beadboard shaker peg coat rack

I am thrilled to report I am done with my beadboard shaker peg coat rack! I am so proud of this project because I did it without asking anyone for advice or help. AND I used scrap lumber for most of the build. Plus I learned how to use a new saw. Yesss! 


This two-tiered coat rack is super functional for our family because it has a lower rack that is within reach of the kids, an upper rack for adults, and tons of pegs for all our coats. Plus it’s located in our garage right where we enter our home, which is really convenient.


Below are step-by-step instructions for how to build your own two-tiered beadboard shaker peg coat rack.

Step 1: Start by adding a swath of beadboard wallpaper on the wall that is the width and height of your project. (Tip: Be sure to place your wallpaper so the framing boards will overlap the edges slightly, preventing the seams from showing.)


Step 2: Install two shaker peg coat racks over the wallpaper – a higher one for adults and a lower one for the kids. I ordered mine very inexpensively from this Etsy shop. (Tip: Be sure to screw your racks into studs, so they will support the weight of a lot of coats.)

Step 3: Attach boards on the left and right sides of the coat racks. Attach a bottom board to serve as the baseboard. I used leftover 1×3-inch pine boards for this, screwing them into wall studs. (Tip: A counter-sink drill bit pushes screws slightly below the surface of the wood, allowing for easy coverage with filler and paint.)


Step 4: Rip a piece of scrap plywood for both the top shelf and the board above the top coat rack. I used my new favorite tool to do this, the Ryobi® 10-inch portable table saw. I’m happy to report no fingers were lost in the process. 🙂


Step 5: Make your own shelf brackets out of the remainder of the plywood. I cut mine out on my miter saw. I attached the brackets using screws, but there is probably a better way. 😉


Step 6: Use a brad nailer to attach a piece of window/door casing below the top shelf and to attach the top shelf to the brackets and back board.

Step 7: To hide the unsightly, raw edges of the plywood (and the screws in the shelf brackets), iron on a strip of birch veneer.



Step 8: Sand the rough spots, caulk the holes, and prime and paint.

I used my favorite Purdy® brushes* to prime and paint all the raw wood, paying particular attention to the knots. Pine knots can bleed through paint, so be sure to prime these areas very well before painting.


(Tip: A quality paint brush can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE when cutting in around edges, helping paint glide on smoothly and providing a straighter line.)

After priming and painting the boards, I taped off the whole project and spray painted it the same color as our window and door trim. I used my beloved HomeRight® Finish Max sprayer to do this. Enter to win your own here.



Done! A flawless paint finish on my new coat rack.



What do you think of the results?

* Affiliate links provided in this post for your convenience. 

Special thanks to Ryobi and Purdy for providing, at my request, the table saw and paint brushes needed to complete this project. 

‘Big boy’ room bedding details

I’m happy to report that our big boy bedroom renovation is nearing completion!

The wall are painted (Sherwin Williams 7641 Collonade Gray) and the carpets are scrubbed. Whew.

The thrift store headboard I bought has been transformed into a plank bed. (Be sure to check out the details of that project here.)


And I’ve been filling the walls with yard sale-scrounged pieces that I turned into customized art.

Wallternatives-lettersToday I wanted to share with you the thrifty details of the bedding I chose for the room.

I started with a set of rails I picked up at a thrift store. Then I found a new twin-sized box spring super cheap at my local furniture store. (They beat Walmart’s price!) When it comes to the box spring and mattress of a bed, I’m kind of a stickler about buying new. Blame it on the germaphobe in me, I guess.

I chose a Yogabed™ mattress for the top. I tested out this mattress while at the Haven Conference this year. It is amazingly comfy!


This mattress is comprised of the Yoga Comfort System™, an advanced layered system that supports the body by dispersing weight evenly and reducing pressure points that cause tossing and turning. It’s built on four core elements: instant response foam, gel, a breathable foam base and a support base.

I went with Yogabed for a number of reasons:

  1. Our son was not sleeping well, getting up sometimes five times a night – not an awesome experience for mom and dad. We needed a mattress he would be super comfy on.
  2. It is affordable. Some of the popular foam mattresses out there are super expensive. Yogabed’s pricing is comparable to regular spring mattresses.
  3. This mattress comes with a removable, zip-n-wash mattress cover. Love this feature!
  4. Every mattress comes with free pillows, free shipping and a 101-night, no-risk trial period.


If you’re in need of a new mattress, check out Yogabed and be sure to use the SAVE60 promo code to receive $60 off your purchase.

As far as the bed linens, I started with an airplane sheet set and royal blue quilt and sham set I picked up at Target.


I bought the Varsity Plaid Microfiber Comforter for $19.99 on clearance from


Then I added this airplane pillow to finish off the ensemble. I’m still waiting to receive a red linen airplane pillow I ordered online weeks ago; it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet.



Our little man absolutely loves his new big boy bed – and room. And his habit of getting up five times a night? Gone! Seriously. He sleeps through the night like a champ now.

What do you think of the new big boy bed?

Special thanks to the folks at Yogabed for providing a discount on the mattress I purchased in exchange for an honest review on the blog. As always, all opinions are 100% mine.