A neutral living room

Today, I want to offer you a sneak peek into my living room.

This room is probably my most favorite in the house so far (we moved here a little over a year ago). When I designed the color and furniture scheme for the space, I was very particular about what I chose. Since we live in the woods near a lake, my goal was to keep it casual, using colors and materials found in nature. I like to call this style rustic chic.

Before we moved in, the living room looked like this:

The pink walls and odd furniture arrangement did nothing for this beautiful home. (Maybe that’s why it took nearly two years to sell!)

As soon as we got the keys to the house, we painted the walls Behr’s Iced Coffee and the crown molding semi-gloss white. The fireplace mantel had too much of a purple tint to it (in my opinion), so I glazed it with an espresso stain. Now it matches the other wooden furniture in the room, which we brought from our former home. The curtains are from Walmart.com.

We purchased our couch new online from JCPenney. Our goal was for the entire fam to fit on it comfortably and for me and the hubs to be able to snuggle. I love this piece!

I’m planning on using the hope chest my dad made me as a coffee table. I just haven’t brought it downstairs yet.

The brown upholstered chairs were purchased on the cheap at a local furniture store’s going-out-of-business sale.

This leaf wall tapestry was bought at a furniture store for $15 because it was missing the rod at the top that helps the tapestry keep its shape. I filled the space with paint stirrers and, now, the piece is as good as new.

I use this trunk — purchased at a discount store on clearance — to house all our remote controls.

Here’s the hubster’s favorite wall.

The slipcovered chair was $5 at a hotel auction. The big basket on the right holds all my snuggly blankies. I don’t have to fold them. I just toss them in the basket. Genius, right?

That pretty much sums up our living room. We could probably use some more artwork, but I am super picky about what I put on my walls. I’m still milling around in my mind what might work.

Oh. I almost forgot. Tiny wanted me to show you the tiger mask she made over the weekend.

Have a grrrrreat Monday.


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