DIY shaker peg and beadboard coat rack

Hello! I hope you’ve got the same gorgeous fall weather we’ve been enjoying here in Pennsylvania.

I have been working fast and furious on some outside projects before the weather turns cold – washing windows, cleaning out the garage and building a storage solution in there, to name a few.

I’ve discovered a ridiculously quick and easy way to get my windows clean and streak-free, which I’ll be sharing in a future post. But today, I wanted to show you what I’m building in the garage.

If your family is anything like ours, winter brings with it the need to hang up lots and lots of coats! We have absolutely zero closets on our ground floor, so I’ve had to get creative with our storage. We have one small coat rack near the front door and another in the laundry room. But these two aren’t cutting the mustard. So now I’m building a mega, coat-rack-of-all-coat-racks next to the entryway in our garage. It’s ultimately going to look something like this:

j-done.jpg.rendition.largest Source

I’ve actually been meaning to do this project since last fall, but I was missing one important tool – a table saw.


Now that I’ve got this Ryobi® 10-inch portable table saw and my miter and skill saws, I can cut any piece of wood that comes my way. Mwa-ha-ha-ha. 


For this coat rack project, I am using leftover 1×3-inch boards, a piece of plywood for the upper shelf, crown molding, two shaker peg coat racks from this Etsy shop, and a roll of beadboard wallpaper.


Stay tuned for more details on how to do this project, coming soon!

Do you have a problem finding space for all your family’s outwear? Do you have any creative storage solutions that have worked for you?

Special thanks to Ryobi for providing me with the table saw necessary to complete this project. As always, all opinions, projects, and blood, sweat and tears are 100-percent mine. 

‘Do good with wood’ weekend DIY project

Saturday, I had the privilege of getting my DIY on with this buff group of musicians from our church’s praise and worship team:


From left to right are vocalists Megan (my sis) and Cindy; Rick, our sound technician; and his wife Michelle, our electric guitarist.

Our goal was to renovate the room that is used to store our traveling sound system and other music supplies. We use this traveling system when we visit places like assisted and low-income housing facilities and host free concerts for the residents there. We have an absolute blast jamming and serving others in the process!

But Saturday, we shifted gears and traded our guitars and microphones for paint brushes and power tools.



We needed to patch and paint walls, build three sturdy shelves to hold our (soon-to-be) organized supplies, and also cut and add wood trim like baseboards and moldings.

Here’s what the room looked like when we began:

Closet before 2 (2) Closet before 2 (1)

We were blessed to have some amazing brands help us out by donating some of the supplies we needed for this project. We were spoiled with some of my favorite products like Sherwin Williams paint, primer and painting supplies; and 3M™ Patch plus primerpaint and sanding respirators and ScotchBlue™ painters tape.

Cindy-wet-sanding Cody-drilling

Cindy’s husband, Cody, helped us out for many hours in the afternoon with the shelf-building.

Like every other DIY project I’ve taken on … ever … I was pretty ambitious about what could be done in one day. We didn’t get the whole project finished, but we made some excellent progress. My body was worn out but my spirit was refreshed!

Stay tuned for the final reveal post coming soon!

Also, have you used woodworking and wood finishing to improve your community? If so, Minwax® wants to recognize those good works with its Do Good With Wood™ Award!

This award program is open to virtually anyone who has been involved in a wood finishing project – through DIY groups, craft or hobby groups, school wood shop classes, clubs, guilds, parent organizations, etc. Nominate yourself or someone in your community through December 31, 2013. Both individuals and organizations are welcome to enter. Check out all the details here.

My $7 total closet makeover

Last week I had the privilege of traveling with a group of lovely ladies from my church to a nearby town that was entirely filled with yard sales. We got there early on the first day of the shindig, so the pickins were pretty good.

One of my scores was this closet organizing system:

Box-of-closet-stuffThe guy selling it saw me eyeing up the box and said he’d let it go for $7. His wife apparently has a bit of a QVC addiction and he just needed to get rid of some stuff. Everything was brand new and had never even been taken out of the packaging. I couldn’t pass it up. I figured it would help me get Tiny’s closet a little more organized.

Here was her closet before we got to work:


Now here it is after we added the new $7 closet system:

Closet-after The system came with a set of shoe and sweater organizers plus a jewelry organizer.

Closet-pocketsIt also included a purse/travel bag organizer and some garment protectors.


To further spruce up the closet and create a cohesive feel, I added cute labels to the drawers and bins.


This just involved scrap paper, my printer and a glue stick.

Closet-labelsHere’s another look at the “before” and “after:

Closet-before-and-afterNow let’s hope we can keep things this neat. 😉

Closet organizing tip:

One thing that has been so helpful over the years is keeping an “Outgrown” bin in the kids’ closets, so we can quickly toss clothes in there as soon as we discover they no longer fit.


I realize this hamper isn’t the prettiest. Someday I’ll switch it out for a decorative basket or trendy wire bin. But you get the idea. In my son’s closet, I use a neutral-colored plastic tote with a lid that can immediately be transferred to the basement for storage once it’s filled.

I also keep a step stool in Tiny’s closet so she can reach the bins on her top shelf.


So what do you think of my $7 closet makeover? Have you scored any great yard sale deals lately? The best one I’ve found so far was an in-perfect condition, white KitchenAid stand mixer for $12!