Cruise highlights

Well, as promised, I’m (finally) posting some highlights from the cruise the hubster and I took last month.

We traveled with Carnival Cruise Line out of Baltimore (no plane fare to buy, yay!). Our first destination was Port Canaveral, Fla.

We had a blast exploring the Florida Everglades at the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp.

Look closely. Do you spot a critter?

Yep. We were lucky to see a bunch of alligators on our air boat tour. Apparently, it’s mating season love is in the air right now, so these suckers are more prone to be out and about.

Needless to say, there was no swimming at the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp.

I did get to try a few bites of deep-fried alligator, though.

And yes, the rumors are true. It does taste a lot like chicken.

Our next stop was Nassau, Bahamas.

The water was beautiful and the weather was warm.

We got to take a three-hour tour of the city (no Gilligan’s Island pun intended). This cruise made me realize I’m probably less of a luxury-vacation person and more of a mission-trip person. As we toured some of the lower-income areas of the island, I wanted to get out and help pick up litter or put on a new roof for somebody!

Before we boarded our ship for our next destination, I stopped to pose for a photo.

After Nassau, we traveled to Freeport, Bahamas.

Check out this neat, old ship! It looks like something out of the movie “Hook.”

The hubster and I had a marvelous time on our getaway. We haven’t gone away together for that long since our honeymoon almost 12 years ago! Tiny stayed with my sisters and her pappy and grammy (my parents).

The cruise staff was so friendly — and talented. They made us a different “towel animal” each day.

Although it was so tough to get away because of all our daily responsibilities, I am so glad we spent this time reconnecting. We need to do it more often!

Do you have a favorite getaway spot?

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5 Responses

  1. Debbie says:

    Anywhere my husband and I are alone together. It can be a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains an hour and a half from our front door, or warm sunny beaches either Caribbean or Hawaiian. The setting aside of responsibilities for awhile and focusing on each other is wonderful. After a few days we’re ready to take on the world again. Glad you got away.

  2. Sharon Hines says:

    So glad you had a great time with your husband. That’s wonderful.

    sharon @ mrs. hines class

  3. becky zannino says:

    You guys so deserved this awesome time together. Great pics!

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