DIY boot socks in less than five minutes

I’m loving the cute boot socks and leg warmers all over Pinterest. However, when I looked at the price of some, I was all like, “Say whaaaaaa?”

So I resigned myself to being boot-sockless for another year … until I discovered (on Pinterest, where else?) that I could make my own in less than five minutes using an old sweater. Again, I was all like, “Say whaaaaaaa?”

Well, I tried it and it works like magic! So here’s how you, too, can DIY a pair for free in less than five minutes.

1. Start with an old sweater.

I had three that were bound for the thrift store.


2. Cut out a “tube” from each sleeve.

I measured out about 15 inches (starting at the skinny end of the sleeve) because that’s the length I prefer. However, the orange sweater was short-sleeved, so I could only scrounge 10 inches out of that one and it still worked.


I used pinking shears to help deter fraying. Or you could hem the raw edge if you’re feeling really ambitious. (Be sure to use elastic thread.)


3. Stick your leg in the sleeve (skinny end first) and add boots. Voila!



Sorry I didn’t get the best pictures. I’m taking photos of my own legs, people. 😉


I should mention that if you’d prefer a looser feel, you may want to add a piece of trim (lace, perhaps?) to the wider end of your sleeve tubes to disguise the raw edge. Then you can wear each sock with the wider end toward the top of your calf. To see a great tutorial on how to do that, click here.

I’m hoping to get a post out Friday highlighting my favorite fall fashion pieces. I’ll be showcasing my DIY boot socks in a few of those outfits, so you can get a better look then.

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12 Responses

  1. Vicki Crowe says:

    Why not prepare both ends of the sock/sleeve and have two choices of how you want to wear them?

  2. Runt says:

    Great idea! I think I need to go cut up some sweaters now!

  3. teresa says:

    That is adorable and a great recycle of some stuff I will never wear again! I’ll make pillows with the body.

  4. Too cute! I am not a boot person (yet!) but I love making pillows from the body part of the sweaters so I will definitely have to save the sleeves for some boot socks! if not for me maybe for a girlfriend 🙂

  5. cheryl says:

    Great idea and the button one is realllllly cute. But….I love your boots!!!

  6. Susan, these are adorable. I’ve been hanging on to a cable-knit sweater for this purpose.

  1. October 25, 2014

    […] DIY boot socks in less than five minutes […]

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