Organized hot beverage station

Fall is definitely in the air around here, which has me thinking about cozy stuff like blankets, fireplaces, yummy comfort food and hot beverages.

I came across a video yesterday from organizing genius, Alejandra. In it, she showcased the perfectly-put together hot beverage station in her kitchen. I was so mesmerized and inspired, I immediately got to work on my own organized hot beverage station. I love quick-reward DIY projects like this that I can tackle in less than a few hours.

I started by emptying the contents of a drawer I wanted to use and giving the drawer a good scrub.


I covered the bottom of the drawer with chevron-patterned Con-Tact® paper that I picked up at Walmart.


I think there should be a support group for craft-challenged people like me who have to wrestle for an hour to get this paper smooth. Any tips or tricks you might have on how to do this without crying correctly would be much appreciated. 🙂

After recovering from applying the Con-Tact paper, I placed a drawer organizer in the drawer to corral all our various hot beverage items. This organizer was previously used to keep the baking items together. I guess I’ll have to come up with another solution for that drawer. 😉

Then I simply filled the drawer up with our favorites.



This drawer is located right next to our coffee/hot water maker and in close proximity to our sink and the cabinet that holds our mugs.


Do you have a hot beverage station in your home?

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10 Responses

  1. Dawn Rene says:

    You did a lovely job. I am ready to have the crisp Fall weather here in Atlanta and look forward to leaving my windows open, feeling the cool air and sipping a nice cup of coffee, reading a good book. Thanks for the inspiration to get my coffee clutter organized!

  2. Heather G says:

    I have one similar to yours in my current home. But, we’re moving next week and I’m struggling to find a spot in the new kitchen. My morning coffee is my ‘MY TIME’…so you’ve inspired me to make sure I set up a nice spot for my tea bags and kcups. Enjoy your new, organized area.

  3. Peggy says:

    I wish! We have so little counter space, keep everything in the pantry. Love the drawer idea!

  4. Ann says:

    Hmmm. I also wrestle with getting the dang Contact paper on without bubbles or unsightly sawdust bumps that suddenly appear out of nowhere. I am wondering if just cutting it to size and then laying it inside the drawer WITHOUT pulling off the backing to expose the sticky surface would work just as well. If you are placing items on top anyway, it would probably stay put. I’ll have to try that.

    • Susan says:

      Great idea, Ann. I seem to recall another blogger saying that she just uses double-sided tape on four corners and doesn’t worry about attaching the rest. Or you could try just peeling off a smidge of the backing in each corner so it lays flat, if that makes sense.

  5. angela says:

    what kind of organizers did you use? i really want to clean up our tea and coffee station

    • Susan says:

      I honestly can’t remember where I got these, but I would recommend checking Bed, Bath & Beyond or the Container Store. They both have a huge selection. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Laura Champieux says:

    Thank you for the great idea. I have done the same thing in my kitchen and I love it. BTW they do have this drawer organizer at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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