Video: How to fold fitted sheets (plus a look in my bathroom linen closet)

Since spring has still not sprung here yet, I figured today would be a great day to finish organizing the bathroom linen closet in our upstairs guest bathroom.


We recently renovated that entire room, so if you haven’t had a chance to see the before and after photos, click here.

I love what a few labels and $5 Walmart storage bins will do for a space.

Pillow-case-storageFirst-aid-storageI keep our first aid supplies on the top shelf so curious kidlets aren’t tempted to get into them.

Pillow-storageOur family has been using white bath towels exclusively for probably about 10 years. They are easy to clean (hot water and bleach, if necessary); they don’t show wear like dark towels; and they give the bathroom a bit of an upscale hotel vibe.

A clean and organized linen closet makes me smile. And you know what else is making me smile? Over the weekend, I finally mastered the art of folding fitted sheets! Better yet, I made a video of the process so you can do it, too. (Happy dance for all of us … OK, maybe just the uber-organized weirdos like me.) Check it out:

Do you have any tips for organizing linen closets?

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