How to get your kids to eat bread heels

Every once in awhile (OK, pretty much every week), I open my cupboard door to discover that, yet again, we are completely out of bread except for the two yucky end pieces.

Recently, I was so desperate for something to slap some peanut butter and jelly on for Tiny’s lunchbox that I stared at those two bread heels thinking, “OK. How bad of a mom would I really be if I made her sandwich with these end pieces?”

I was ready to bite the bullet and reap the after-school scowls later when I came up with the sneaky idea to just flip the “heely” sides over so they faced the inside of the sandwich. I tried it and, low and behold, the sandwich looked perfectly normal to the naked eye. Tiny never knew the difference. πŸ˜‰

Now I pull this trick all the time on my family! Here’s a tuna version:


So if you’re a thrifty diva like me, you can try my trick to get your kids to eat the bread heelsΒ (I eat them too, for the record). Or there are a lot of other great things you can do with them, too. Check out these eight uses for bread heels from Housewife How-tos.

What tricks have you played on your kids lately?

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14 Responses

  1. ROSELLEN says:

    My mom God rest her soul, was from a large Irish family. Not knowing if this was an old wife’s tale or an old Irish tale, but we as kids were told if you ate the ends of the bread, (or heals) your hair would turn curly…
    Today, my hair is my pride and joy…good head of hair I have…..
    Oh how I loved my mom…..

  2. Dawn Rene says:

    I too have heard the “eat your heels and you’ll have curly hair”…which I do, by the way. But my grandmother and mother both have straight hair and it didn’t help them! The heels are my favorite part when eating toast. They are usually more compact, so I eat both of them!! End of story (with strawberry perserves…just sayin!)

  3. Joyce says:

    My dog eats the heels; she’d be very dissappointed if she didn’t get them!

  4. Meghan Williams says:

    I usually don’t give them in a sandwich, but I have turned them to the inside and given them to the kids when I was desperate!

    I freeze leftover bread (loaf ends leftover hamburger and hotdog buns that didn’t get eaten with the meal, any bread that is left when we are about to go out of town or if we just didn’t eat it as fast as I predicted).

    I will use it as bread crumbs or croutons occasionally, but mostly I use it to make baked pineapple and homemade stuffing.

  5. G.A. says:

    Sometimes the heel is just a bit uneven, thicker on the top, so I’ll slice a bit off to make it lay a bit more flat. Yep, they never know.

    My father-in-law taught my girls that if you eat the crust you’ll learn how to whistle. Sure enough, the oldest always ate her crust and she can whistle! So the youngest, though she doesn’t like the crust, eats it to ensure herself future whistling skills.

    Whatever works!!

  6. Heather says:

    I LOVE your comments. You are so gracious in all your replies. I pray the Lord continues to bless such a giving loving spirit that you are.

  7. haha – love it. outsmarting them is a great parenting strategy!

  8. Cindy says:

    That’s the exact method I use to trick myself! No, I’m not kidding. xo

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