Winner of the clean-sink challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s clean-sink challenge. Your inspiring, motivating and hilarious comments gave me the fuel to keep my sink clean all week long. I am going to try my best to continue going to bed with an empty, sparkling sink. It was definitely worth the effort.

The winner of the free towel set is Pam P.

Pam joined the challenge because she says she has “fallen off the clean sink wagon and I need your challenge to help me back on … I used to do this every night. And it did make me feel like it was gonna be a good day. The sun was shining and the sink was sparkling and the coffee was, well, coffee. I accept your challenge and look forward to starting tomorrow with a sparkling clean sink.”

Pam’s baby steps this year included closing her Facebook account (gasp!) and reducing the number of blogs she subscribes to (thankfully, LROL made the cut). She has also been “spending more time on important things, reading my Bible, gardening, walking and being grandma to two superheroes in training.”

Congrats to Pam and everyone else who worked hard to keep their sinks clean. Keep it up!

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2 Responses

  1. Sharon Hines says:

    Congrats to Pam and thanks for the motivation. We’ve been holding strong! It totally makes a difference in my day. xo

  2. Pat says:

    Congrats to Pam! It made a positive difference for me.


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