More office progress

Little by little, I am determined to get our office space/bonus/music/guest room done without getting sidetracked by other DIY projects. I now have two throw pillows sewn and I finished the “music corner.” 

I used all the fabric I had left over from the curtains to make the pillows. 

I can sew together this particular style of throw pillow in about a half hour. I use two equal pieces of fabric lined up together with the “wrong” side of the fabric facing out on both sides. Then I eyeball and sew a half-inch hem on all four sides, leaving about 4-5 inches open at one end.

Then I turn the pillow inside out, feeding the fabric through the hole. I stuff the pillow with polyester fiberfill and, finally, I hand-stitch the hole shut.

Now I have two throw pillows in the bonus room that match the curtains.

I really want to sew one more accent pillow using scrap fabric in a different pattern, but I haven’t gotten to that yet.

For wall art in the “music corner” of the room, I purchased three wall hooks for instruments. I paid $11 total for them on Amazon.

My next goal for the space is to refinish a bookshelf for the other side of the room and spruce up the entertainment center.

Why DIY projects are you working on? Are you finding it hard to stay focused?

2 thoughts on “More office progress

  1. Looks beautiful! I love the fabric…colors are so gorgeous. Displaying the instruments is such a great idea.

    I’m scattered and not getting anything completed. 🙂 I really need to focus.


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