Organizing my blog notes

Greetings! Is anyone in the organizing mood? Ooh. Me. Me. I am.

I stopped in at our local, small-town office supply store yesterday looking for a notebook to keep track of all the bloggy ideas swimming around in my head, and this is what I came across.

Vera Bradley’s fun patterns and colors are so cool. I picked up this notebook and then discovered a huge rack of 50-percent-off items. Score!

I couldn’t resist. Check out that scrumptious purse on the right! I am using it to carry around my new bloggy notebook;)

My new notebook features three sections. I labeled the first section “Schedule.” (C’mon. You know I couldn’t resist a chance to slap a label on something.) I labeled the second section “Ideas.” The first section will be used to track all my posts and weekly blog goals. The second section is where I will record all those meeeeellions of ideas I have for future posts. The third section I have kept blank so far. I’m sure I’ll come up with some use for it, although the absence of one label in my notebook is giving me the heebs. (By the way, that’s heebie-jeebies … you know, the term that refers to a feeling of anxiety, apprehension, depression or ILLNESS?) I will conquer my obsessive compulsive behavior one baby step at a time, people.

I picked up this “While We’re Away” notebook for 50 percent off too.

It’s offers pages you can fill out for baby/house/pet sitters with your contact and emergency info in it. Genius!

Happy organizing!



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2 Responses

  1. Carol ... Biggie FAC says:

    At which local store did you find these Vera Bradley treasures?!

    • Susan says:

      Grove’s Office Supply in Huntingdon. Sometimes they have some great sales on Very Bradley stuff. If I want something, I usually wait until it’s 50% off.

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