Backyard fish fry party ideas with Chinet® Cut Crystal® plus a giveaway

As the weather (finally) turns warm in our neck of the woods, I’ve got two things on my mind: backyard parties and outdoor DIY projects. Today I want to share with you some cute décor and food ideas we put together for a backyard fish fry.

To begin creating a themed tablescape for our backyard party, I dressed the table with a painter’s dropcloth. I use painter’s dropcloths for so many craft and DIY projects. For the table runner, I used a roll of burlap I picked up at Walmart. I chose coordinating pieces of fish-themed scrapbook paper as placemats. 

I set the table with Chinet® Cut Crystal® tableware. They have a perfectly coordinated line that includes matching disposable plates, cups and cutlery. That means I can have a stylish table setting, yet still avoid doing the dishes. 😉 


The truth is, I don’t invite folks over as often as I should. This year, I want to make a conscious effort to make get-togethers a priority. Disposable tableware makes serving and clean-up a little easier, so I can spend more time with guests while they’re here.

Check out what I used the Chinet® Cut Crystal® stemless wine glasses for:  worms in dirt dessert cups. The kids absolutely loved this idea. For the recipe, click here.

To continue with my bait theme (anyone else using minnows on their fishing lines?), I added Swedish fish to the cups and punch bowl. 

In the new Chinet® Classic White® Chip & Dip Party Tray, I chose a smoked salmon dip, served with crackers, pretzels and veggies.

What do you think of these personalized wooden tags I made as placecards? They are super easy to DIY.

I started with a piece of scrap wood I had left over from my DIY magnetic knife block project.

I cut out six, three-inch pieces on my miter saw. Then I clamped the pieces together and drilled a hole through all of them at once using a quarter-inch drill bit.

I gave them a quick sanding and a coat of wood stain.

Once they dried, I used a white chalkboard marker to add names and tied them to disposable napkins using twine. Done!

Finally, it’s time to add the catch of the day to those plates. 

Here’s a great beer-battered fish recipe that’s sure to please your backyard guests (adapted from


2 quarts vegetable oil for frying
8 fillets of your catch of the day
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup flour
2 tablespoons garlic powder
2 tablespoons paprika
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons ground black pepper
1 egg, beaten
1 can or bottle of beer (12 fluid oz.)


Heat oil in a deep fryer to 365 degrees F. Rinse fish, pat dry and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Combine flour, garlic powder, paprika, 2 teaspoons salt and 2 teaspoons pepper. Stir egg into dry ingredients. Gradually mix in beer until a thin batter is formed.

Dip fish fillets into batter, then drop one at a time into hot oil. Fry fish, turning once, until both sides are golden brown. Drain on paper towels and serve warm. Enjoy!

For more decorations, crafts and recipes that feature disposable tableware, check out

Now on to the giveaway!

Leave a comment below telling me how Chinet® Cut Crystal® would elevate your next get together.

Your comment will automatically enter you for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card and a Chinet® gift pack (approximate retail value of gift pack $50). You’ll be all set for your next backyard party. 

Entry Instructions:

No duplicate comments.

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

  1. Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post
  2. Tweet (public message) about this promotion; including exactly the following unique term in your tweet message: “#SweepstakesEntry”; and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post
  3. Blog about this promotion, including a disclosure that you are receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post, and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post
  4. For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older (or nineteen (19) years of age or older in Alabama and Nebraska). Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 2 business days to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 5/4/15 – 6/14/15.

Be sure to visit the Chinet brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

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122 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    I wouldn’t be using paper plates and I wouldn’t have to do dishes! I hate how paper plates seep through and these wouldn’t do that.

  2. Elena says:

    I will not have to clean the dishes after the party

  3. Natalie says:

    I would love to use Chinet Cut Crystal to help elevate my cousin’s rehearsal dinner. We are having a BBQ theme rehearsal dinner at a local park and Chinet would help make for an easy clean up!! I would use the crystal cups to put in fruit salad and the plates would be used for the BBQ chicken and ribs.

  4. Jane M says:

    I love these Chinet products! We recently purchased a lake house and this is the perfect idea for get togethers…

  5. Cynthia says:

    How great is this!? Looks special without all the extra work!

  6. Debra Schramm says:

    I’d love to use Chinet Cut Crystal for my next get together! Its’ such an upgrade from paper plates and cups and they are still disposable – classy, and easy clean up!

  7. teresa says:

    Besides looking fabulous, there wouldn’t be any dishes! I’m envisioning a Memorial Day weekend party already.

  8. Jessica To says:

    This would help make my son’s birthday party a lot neater and I would know that Chinet could withstand the messy snacks!

  9. Mami2jcn says:

    Chinet would elevate my daughter’s birthday party this summer.

  10. Mami2jcn says:


  11. beverly e says:

    I love Chinet products, especially their Cut Crystal line. It’s so versatile and co-ordinates with anything… not having any dishes to wash is a bonus, especially since the next gathering will be for my birthday!

  12. Georgia Browne says:

    I never heard of Chinet products. They look great for an outdoor gathering. I will look for them in my grocery store.

  13. Laurie says:

    Not having to do dishes after a big family dinner would be awesome!

  14. MARTHA says:

    I often use Chinet products for any day or special occasions , sturdy to use and stylish as you may want…

  15. Lynn says:

    I am hosting a bridal shower for one of my best friend’s daughter who is also my daughter’s best friend. I have been looking for something elegant but easy. These would be perfect 🙂

  16. Donna Gibson says:

    Very nice Susan. One idea you can use instead of using chalk to write the name on name tags, is to use a permanent way to note a name on a tag, by using the white-out pen. I do this for marking things such as containers with dark lids to store things in the freezer. Also, I decorated a tiny kids chalkboard with a cute saying to hang on the wall using the white-out pen to note the wording. It is a handy little things to have around, not just for correcting your typing mistakes or in my case, my creative music writing on corrections. Great job again!

  17. Dawn Rene in Atlanta says:

    First of all, I think that model is darling! I also liked the chip and dip option!! I can bring over appetizers without worrying about having to leave, dumping remaining food out and getting the dish returned. Brilliant!! Oh yeah…can you give us the desert recipe? That is very cute, too.

  18. laurie riddle says:

    Wow! These aren’t your Mother’s paperplates! Can’t wait to try them out for my Memorial Day party!!

  19. Sue Farmer says:

    Having a Memorial Day cookout and the Chinet plates and cups would be just the thing I need!!

  20. Cindy B says:

    Having something that looks like nice glassware rather than disposable ware will add a extra sense of poshness without the extra work. Thanks for a great giveaway to you and your sponsor.

  21. Kelly D says:

    Chinet Cut Crystal would elevate my next get-together because it looks nicer than paper tableware and would make clean up easy. This would look great for the baby shower that I am hosting.

  22. Alina says:

    The Chinet brand is great for outdoor dining/bbqs/get-togethers. I love that unlike paper plates they don’t seep through and make a mess. They also look more fancy than plain paper plates. We are having a huge family bbq at the park in a few weeks and these would come in handy.

  23. Sean says:

    Chinet would most definitely elevate my next get together. They are easier to carry around with a plate full of food without tearing apart and are aesthetically more pleasing than paper plates. My guests would appreciate this.

  24. Jane says:

    Fancy without the work! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  25. Julie Wood says:

    I would use Chinet Cut Crystal to elevate my next get together which will be a Big Family Reunion next month! These dishes would make my get together look classy, and make clean up a breeze!

  26. Perfect for my first backyard get together in my home! Such a time saver and so pretty!

  27. Sue says:

    These are pretty enough to use for a ladies’ luncheon! I’ll be using them.

  28. Christie Krebs says:

    Chinet cut crystal makes for an elegant event without the worry of broken glass near the pool. I also love the sturdiness for use at a buffet when people need to carry their plate to their seats.

  29. Stephanie Phelps says:

    Chinet would bring a whole new level of elegance to the wedding shower I am throwing later this fall! I am so excited to have found something so nice that I do not have to wash afterwards!

  30. latanya t says:

    I would use it for graduation parties

  31. Kim R says:

    My husband and I purchased a mountain home last year and like you, have decided to make more of an effort to host our friends. With disposable Chinet, I would invite a larger group because I wouldn’t be limited to the dishes I own. Your table is an inspiration to make it pretty without spending a lot of money.

  32. Chinet would elevate my next backyard get-together with the sturdiness of these cut crystal plates. No embarrassing plate collapses and a sturdy cutting surface. If I took the set with me to the beach, it would be even more of a vacation because of easy clean-up!

  33. Heather G says:

    They sure have aded more variety. We do a lot of outdoor parties and the look is more sophisticated than other plastic/foam plates. This would take our parties up to a whole new level. Thanks for the info and chance to win a prize package.

  34. Madeline says:

    I’d use their “To-Go Cupcakes” idea to give people a parting gift on Mother’s Day (and to keep me from eating all of the leftovers!).

  35. Jessie C. says:

    Chinet Cut Crystal would elevate our picnics during summer time.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  36. Jessie C. says:


  37. Elle says:

    Chinet Cut Crystal would elevate my next family/friend outdoor barbecue that we have because it’s so much nicer than regular paper/plastic plates and cups and would make the whole event look better.

  38. Ashley C says:

    We’re planning a house warming party so Chinet would be beautiful for that! They look great but would be easy for clean-up


  39. Sarah Hall says:

    The Chinet would add a bit of class to a dull or ordinary table scape.

  40. ELIZABETH P says:

    I think it would make it look awesome!! truckredford(at)Gmail(dot)com

  41. Amy Tong says:

    Your backyard party looks so much fun. Love your little DIY too. 🙂 Chinet® Cut Crystal® would elevate mynext get together with their beautiful product for sure. I love how elegant they look, yet, convenience to use.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  42. Stephanie G says:

    I would use Chinet Cut Crystal to turn a backyard picnic into a backyard event. My mom used to do something similar with holiday parties, and it’s amazing how much the prettier items can make a party feel special. (Plus SO MUCH LESSS washing up afterwards!)

  43. Tracy Moore says:

    This would really up my entertaining game. The Chinet Crystal makes any food look more elegant. Imagine backyard BBQ on Crystal. My family would love to upgrade from white paper plates to Chinet Crystal.

  44. Margot C says:

    We have a 4th of July party that is usually just Solo cups, how much nicer this Chinet would be!

  45. Lisa Brown says:

    Well, it would definitely elevate an outdoor party where there may be more activity from guests, looks pretty without being breakable.

  46. LinhC says:

    Oh we love fish fry! And that is a pretty table! The Cut Crystal Chinet products would make our parties prettier but not cost a lot time and effort.

  47. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    This would be perfect for eating on our deck for a party this summer. I know Chinet is sturdier than other plates, perfect to handle big heaping plates!

  48. ANGEL JACKLYN says:


  49. steve weber says:

    Chinet would elevate our annual block party.

  50. Jenna D says:

    These would make my upcomming barbeque much classier and make the cleanup easy!

  51. Kerry says:

    I would love to use it to elevate our 4th of July get together this year!

  52. heather says:

    Chinet crystal will elevate a baby shower that I am throwing soon for a friend.

  53. Rebecca Graham says:

    This would be a nice look and an easy clean up for my daughter-in-law’s baby shower.

  54. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would use Chinet to bring some class and elegance to our next family bbq!

  55. Linda says:

    Using the Chinet Cut Crystal Dinner Plates instead of paper plates and cleaning is still a breeze.

  56. Wanda McHenry says:

    It would elevate it by making a more appealing atmosphere than the usual red cups and paper plates!

  57. Nancy Carr says:

    These Chinet items look like real glass. What a great idea. No more worries about broken glass when eating outside. Love them!

  58. Tabathia B says:

    It would elevate by making it an easier bbq with easy cleanup and setup

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  59. Tabathia B says:


    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  60. Stafford says:

    I’d use it for our upcoming graduation parties. We are having two different ones for three of our children and this would keep it elegant. Also, it would be less time consuming to use those than having to wash glass dishes continuously.

  61. Debbie B says:

    these would elevate my next backyard party into a special event!

  62. erica best says:

    i would use this at my friend baby shower

  63. WHITNEY says:

    These would really spruce up the baby shower I am planning!!!

  64. says:

    I would use Chinet at Christmas. I always use paper/plastic anyway. This would dress it up.

  65. LAMusing says:

    These look so much better than paper plates!

  66. Norma says:

    I can’t think of a party where I wouldn’t use these! Very pretty plates and glasses, but no breakage!

  67. rachel says:

    Cute theme! I love doing themes and Chinet makes it easy!

  68. Stacey b says:

    It would save from the worry of clean up and looks much more elegant than typical plastic and paper products!

  69. Nicole D says:

    The Chinet Cut Crystal would elevate my next get-together by going with any decor I choose for my party and by making clean up easy.

  70. Kristen says:

    Some lemonade from the lemons on our tree would look nice in their glasses with some fresh berries dropped in.

  71. debbie says:

    Chinet would allow me to have easier set up and clean up but would also make my food look better!

  72. angie says:

    It would keep me from using disposable plates or my good stoneware plates, because I bet these are dishwasher safe and can be used over and over again!

  73. Tina m says:

    we are going to have a 5 years anniversary party. Chinet Cut Crystal would make everything looks better

  74. Susan Smith says:

    Chinet Cut Crystal would elevate our July 4th cookout this Summer!

  75. Chinet® Cut Crystal® would elevate our next get-together by making this that much prettier.

  76. D Schmidt says:

    It would elevate to the next level by providing some much needed sophistication and elegance. My particular favorite item is the cut crystal cutlery, so useful!

  77. maria cantu says:

    My daughter’s birthday is our next get-together and this would make it look classy.

  78. kjasus says:

    i would use chinet to help make our next girl’s night classier

  79. Ellie Wright says:

    These would elevate my book club and luncheon immensely when it’s my turn to host.

  80. Thomas Murphy says:

    Chinet Cut Crystal would be perfect for my 4th of July party because they look great and are easy to clean up.

  81. ANGEL JACKLYN says:


  82. Tamara says:

    Your party table looks so pretty! Love the idea of using Chinet crystal at our summer cookouts.

  83. Kerry says:

    I would love to use this for a baby shower that I’m helping host this fall.

  84. marthalynn says:

    I love using Chinet for get-togethers! They’re sturdy and stylish. These new crystal designs are really pretty! I wouldn’t mind using them at all to have a little fete.

  1. June 27, 2015

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