Closet progress, a tool tip and a paint fiasco

I’m back today to share some of the progress we’ve made on the mister’s master bedroom closet. If you recall, we had some big plans for the space:

Closet-plansI’ve finished patching and painting the walls:


I used the same paint color as our office space. It’s a beautiful shade of “greige” – a neutral  tone between gray and beige, sort of like oatmeal. It’s actually Valspar’s Oatlands Subtle Taupe (eggshell finish) from Lowes. I think it looks perfect in a closet.

And while I was away on Air National Guard duty last weekend, the hubs installed this portion of the closet:

Master-closet-facing-doorThis drawer/shelf combination unit is from It is the same one we used in little man’s closet. It wasn’t on sale anymore, but we still managed to get it for $99 with free shipping site to store. This is the only portion of the closet that we will not be DIYing. We really wanted drawers and figured it would be better to go with an inexpensive system than to take the time to make our own.

Master-closet-from-door-sideQuick tool tip: If you’re using a hammer on light-colored walls or furniture, consider wrapping it in a sock first to prevent scuff marks.

Sock-hammerThe next step of this closet re-do will involve us building our own shelves using medium-density fibreboard. I’m planning on putting together a step-by-step “how-to” video to share with all of you on that project, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, as most of you DIY divas would agree, the mess always gets worse before it gets better:

Messy-master-bedroomIn fact, today, while I was standing in this mayhem trying to get some photos of the closet, I backed into a paint can, which tipped over and the lid popped off, spilling nearly a half-gallon of white trim paint all over my carpet! I quickly grabbed my portable deep cleaner machine and went to work for, like, an hour trying to clean the paint off the carpet, curtains, shoes, everything! I won’t lie; there was a lot of sweat – and tears – involved. But miraculously, I think it all came out. Whew.

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  1. Vicki says:

    The closet is looking good. But, oh yikes, Susan. I can imagine the panic with the paint spill. So glad for you that it all came off!

  1. February 15, 2013

    […] Closet progress, a tool tip and a paint fiasco […]

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