Free printables: Summertime daily schedule and chore chart for kids

School is officially out for summer, which means I’ve got two very active and curious kids that need entertained If I don’t build a bit of structure into their daily schedules this time of year, we inevitably end up with an inordinate amount of fights, complaints of boredom, and overall stress on mama.

This year, I thought I’d get smart and try to put together a daily schedule for the kids as well as a kids chore chart. This way, expectations and responsibilities are laid out right at the beginning of summertime and we can set ourselves up for success – and more fun. Plus it helps me build into the day the “alone time” I need to get my work done!

I’m sharing these charts with you today as free printables. I’ve got two versions of the files: Click on the photos below to download the pdf versions, or get the customizable Word documents here: Summertime daily schedule for kidsSummertime kids chore chart

Summertime daily schedule

Summertime chore chart

Of course, the daily schedule serves as the basic framework of a normal day for us. When other activities come up, we flex as necessary.

I hope these charts are as helpful to you as they are to me!

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  1. Kim R says:

    I love the structure of your days! You are building good habits for their future. I didn’t do this very well with my youngest child. He is 23 now and spends most of his day watching TV or on his laptop. Mothering is a tough job – kudos to you!

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