Dining room molding

Happy Thursday y’all! There’s been a project swimmin’ around in my noggin’ for a while and I think I just might have the oomph to start it this weekend. (We’ll see.)

Many of you may remember catching glimpses of my dining room in my holiday tablescape and thrifty dining room buffet posts.

Well … I’m ready to take this room to the next level, people. (I know. Try to contain your excitement.) I love the milk chocolate brown walls (Behr – Cinnabar) and gorgeous, white crown molding. But I’d like to add some more contrast and architectural detail.

So I’m planning a serious chair rail/wainscoting project for this space. Check out some of the photos I’m using for inspiration.

Won’t beautiful, white molding look spectacular against those deep brown walls? I know, right?

One of my goals with this project is to create a video showing all of you lovelies how to trim out molding without using buckets of caulk or wood filler to hide gaps. As my dad always says, “A little putty and a lot of paint make a carpenter what he ain’t …”

We’re gonna do this one the right way, people. I may will definitely have to call on pops for guidance. He has the coolest trick for getting those corners to come together perfectly (no gaps). YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS TUTORIAL.

Hopefully I will still have all my fingers come Monday. Power tools … yay!


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5 Responses

  1. "middle sis" says:

    your chair rail looks fabulous on your new post….um I WILL be needing your assistance when we start to remodel “the hoss” as Rob calls it down in Hill Valley. you’re simply amazing

    • Susan says:

      Thanks. I still have to rope dad into doing that video on how to cut the molding. He doesn’t know about it, yet. 😉

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