Easy, free DIY wall art

I’m still neck-deep in Phase I of the master bathroom makeover, but I did take a little molding break yesterday to create some easy, free DIY art for the space.

I’m extra tickled about this particular project because it cost me $0!

I started with these cheap-o 8×10″ frames I found in my basement.


I primed them white (the only primer I have left on hand at my house), then spray-painted them with Krylon indoor satin metallic paint (nickel finish). This can of paint also happened to be found in my basement. (Who knew my basement held such a treasure trove of DIY goodies?) 

Krylon-paintPainting tip: Immediately after painting an object that is lying on a drop cloth, I always try to gently pick it up from the bottom and shift it. This keeps the piece from sticking to the cloth after it dries and creating nasty little nubbies on the edges when you peel it off the cloth. (Yes, “nasty nubbies” is the technical term. ;))


I filled the newly spray-painted frames with matting that, yep, I found in my basement and free “instant art” I printed out on glossy paper.

Matting tip: When I don’t have real cardboard mats on hand, I have been known to paint the frame’s cardboard backing piece white and slap the art in the middle over it. I call this “poor man’s matting.”


I got the art for this project from Karen, aka The Graphics Fairy. I met Karen at Haven this year. You MUST check out her site. She’s got free art galore! I chose two beautiful (and totally free) seashells prints. The colors were perfect for my bathroom.

Here’s my easy, free DIY art displayed in the bathroom:

DIY-wall-art-in-roomDIY-wall-art-closeupDIY-wall-art-in-room-2Spoiler alert: Next week you’re gonna have to stick a fork in me because I will be done with Phase 1 of the master bathroom makeover. And, more importantly, I’ll be sharing some molding tips (plus what not to do – ask me how I know) and the pièce de résistance of the room. You won’t want to miss it!

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15 thoughts on “Easy, free DIY wall art

  1. A-Mazing! Looks fresh and very beachy. Thanks for the wall art web site and all the how-to tips. Blessings! Have a Safe and Relaxing Labor Day Weekend.

  2. I saw a tip on Pinterest about keeping your project from sticking to the surface you are painting on. It’s so simple…just stick pushpins in the back of your frame and it holds it off the surface enough to not stick!

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