Organizing nuts and bolts

Today, instead of sharing some more of my typical “nuts and bolts of organizing” strategies, I’m going to show you how I literally organize the nuts and bolts I find around the house.

We inherited this handy storage container from the previous owners of our home. It was dirty and covered in cobwebs, but after I gave it a good scrubbing, it was as good as new. Side note: I am often surprised at how many great finds people pass up at yard sales, auctions, etc. just because the stuff is dirty. Personally, I’ve never been afraid to put in a little elbow grease to save a buck. There are exceptions of course … sometimes you have to walk away! 🙂 

I labeled and filled the container, leaving a few bins open for future designation.

Honestly, our basement and garage are a total disaster right now and I feel like we needed to start the organizing process somewhere. So this seemed like a logical first step. My plan is to work on the garage this spring/summer and eventually hang this container on the wall for quick access to those little items I need on a regular basis, like picture framing hardware, nails and screws.

Do you have a method for organizing tiny objects? Is your basement and garage a total war zone like mine?

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5 Responses

  1. Margaret Varner says:

    Great idea!! My hubster started to do this organization thing one time in his life and got distracted to do other things. I was looking for my summer planters and happened to come upon his handy work :), I stood there for a moment and thought, what a great idea. Now, I can’t find anything he puts away, after each season, lol What happened? Great seeing your ideas on here. Keep us inspired!

    • Susan says:

      Thanks, Marg. I’ve got a long way to go before my garage and basement are totally organized. But I am determined to do better this year. Thanks for reading!

  2. Is it weird to find a container of well-organized screws a thing of beauty?

  3. Kippie says:

    This organizer is excellent. After a lot of thought I decided that I’m going to use this to organize my jewelry. You can even cut out pretty patterns of craft paper and slide it in the front of the drawers to customize it to you room decor.

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