Empty frames holiday mantel decor

For this year’s holiday mantel, I was hoping to purchase a set of vintage wooden snowshoes to use as the focal point. But I haven’t been able to find a pair yet on ebay at a price I’m willing to pay. So, in the meantime, I put together a mantel that cost me $1 total – the price of one small spool of plaid ribbon at Walmart.

I started with these frames I brought up from my stash in the basement. (I already had the other spool of ribbon left over from last year.)


I removed the artwork and glass. Then I spray-painted one using Aged Copper from Rust-Oleum.


I painted a few other frames, too – one in a cream color and another in gold.


Then I arranged the empty frames above the mantel. I hung a wreath from one, a few snowflakes from another, and positioned a smaller frame inside the gold one.


I dressed the top of the mantel with evergreen branches (from a tree outside) and added a few extra decorations and ornaments I had on hand.


Our Elf on a Shelf – Lucy – even made an appearance.


What do you think of my $1 empty frames holiday mantel?


I’m linking this up to My Repurposed Life.

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9 Responses

  1. Looks wonderful!

    It’s a good feeling isn’t it?

  2. Valerye C says:

    Gosh your so creative. Your inspiring me. I need to pay my attic a visit and repurpose some items.

  3. Pam P says:

    Once again Susan you have outdone yourself. Whodathunk a few repurposed empty frames could add such simple beauty? I am always impressed with your creativity and talent for making something from practically nothing look so good.Thanks for sharing. I am still your #1 fan. 🙂

  4. Marianne says:

    It is great and the colors make the whole thing pop. Great use, I have so many empty frames I might do a little painting myself. Thanks for the inspiration to take that additional step.

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