Father’s Day inspiration … from you!

In honor of Father’s Day, I recently asked you in a giveaway post to share your favorite memories and sayings from a great man in your life.

Your responses were so inspiring, I wanted to share my favorites with you. (You might want to grab a tissue.) 🙂

Michelle says, “My dad is awesome. He put in exceptionally long hard days and nights working on our farm to provide for us. He has been a huge support in my life! I would be lost without him.”  

Susu says, “A favorite memory of mine with me and my dad was our love for John Wayne and all things ‘cowboy.’ I am one of 8 children, but on Saturday evenings I had my special place in my dad’s lap and we would watch Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke! Even with a house full of children, I had my special time and, as I look back, that was such a sweet gift! I miss my dad, but I’m married to a wonderful man who has been the same sweet presence in our children’s lives!”

Sami says, “My dad is pretty rad. He is a fantastic man of faith and though he has faced some pretty yucky things in life, always kept the faith. Last year, on Father’s Day, something pretty amazing happened. My dad is not the sentimental kind. He’s the ‘life is rough, get a helmet’ type. (That is really what he would say to us.) Well, randomly, last Father’s Day he walked into our family’s annual picnic with cards in hand for the sons-in-law. Being the nosy daughters we are, each of us read the folded letters that were inside – addressed to our spouses. What we read was shocking … such heartfelt, sentimental, still kick-you-in-your-pants, honesty-filled letters. It was pretty much amazing. To this day, his letter hangs on our mirror and I catch my hubby re-reading it from time to time.”

Sandy says, “My husband is just the most amazing father and grandfather. But since my father has passed, I will remember his words to us four daughters. He always told us how wonderful we were and to never, ever let anyone make us feel less than what we are – never. If they tried to do that, get them out of our lives; they didn’t deserve us.”

Sean says, “My dad always said, ‘Proper planning prevents poor performance.’ This was usually always in reference to preparing to go camping or hunting, but the advice has proven true for MANY areas of my life. Super thankful for his wisdom!” 

Brittney says, “Growing up, my dad was my No. 1 fan. He always believed in me and taught me to work hard. He taught me that being a girl was no excuse not to get my hands a little dirty and most importantly has given me a Godly heritage. I am all grown up now and married but I will always cherish the memories we’ve made. Our favorite activities we still share are gardening and DIY projects. The most recent project we’ve done is a pumpkin patch. Although I am no longer ‘daddy’s little girl,’ we can still share our passion for the outdoors and DIY projects.”

Jill says, “My dad was kind of a … kid. He was a runabout, not the greatest dad one would want. He would breeze in and then be gone just as fast. He just couldn’t be tied down much. But we sat out on the lawn one evening and he just let me know how much he loved me and my daughter. He wasn’t that kind of guy. In time, we found out that he was sick and he eventually died of esophageal cancer. I think he knew then what the rest of us didn’t. That afternoon sticks in my mind as being an important time for both of us. It was the closest thing to a “moment” we ever had. I am thankful for it. 

Bo says, “My Dad always tells me, ‘Its not the short drive that counts; it’s the long haul. Do everything with quality and pride, whether it’s working in the fields or raising babies.’ Dad, I love you. The lessons you instilled are the cornerstones of life.”

DeAnne says, “My husband’s favorite piece of advice right now is, ‘The quality of your yeses is directly related to the quantity of your nos. He is so wise! He is also a great husband and daddy.”

Rita says, “I lost my dad over 15 years ago, and didn’t find out until his funeral exactly how much he lived by his words, ‘If you are giving (money, food, clothing, whatever is needed) to get the credit, you are giving for the wrong reason.’ My dad donated to many, many people and places that no one, including our immediate family, ever knew about. At his funeral, people were standing up talking about how he gave them $20 to buy food for their kids, donated to our local children’s home items for the Christmas stockings, etc. Even my mom had no idea. My favorite was a man stood and talked about how my dad had caught him shoplifting bread and peanut butter (my dad managed a grocery store). He asked why bread and peanut butter and he was told it was to feed his brothers and sisters; they had no food. Rather than call the police, my dad told him to never steal again; if he needed food, to come see him and he would find something for him to do to earn the money. Even after all these years, I still shed a tear when I think of the stories I heard about the way my dad lived his life and how he treated others. I think of my dad every day0 and miss him terribly. 

Meghan says, “My dad was a wonderful man. I miss him more every day. After 14 months without him, I have come to the conclusion that the world was a better place when he was here. As we come up on summer and I’m about to teach my kids how to swim and take them in the ocean, I remember being out in the ocean with my dad. We vacationed in Myrtle Beach every year when I was a child. This year I will be taking my kids to the same resort where we used to stay. I will teach them to swim in the same pool that I swam in, and I will go out in the ocean and hold their raft steady the same way that my dad held it for me. I remember waves hitting him in the face and he didn’t care as long as I was stable and secure while I was out there. I really wish that he could be the one out there with my children.”

Leah says, “My dad always helps when a remodeling or fix-it job occurs at our house. He is a finish carpenter and my parents home is beautifully and solidly maintained. So when he says, ‘Good enough for my house!’ You know he’s done and it is good! Thanks Dad!”

The DIY Girl says, “My dad didn’t allow us to say, ‘I can’t.’ He’d sigh, get really quiet, and then respond, ‘No. You’ve decided you don’t want to do it. You can do anything you want to.’ Single greatest gift he gave me – among many others. Happy Father’s Day Daddy!”

Christina says, “My dad was my hero. He survived a German concentration camp imprisonment. He always used to say, ‘No matter what job you have in life, do it to the best of your ability. Do it well.'” 

Of course, I also need to share a few pics of two awesome men in my life. 🙂


Here’s the hubs, the best daddy to our kids I could ever ask for!


Here’s my own sweet, awesome daddy, helping me out with yet another DIY project. Love you, dad! 🙂

Thanks again for all your inspirational comments and enjoy Father’s Day!

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