Free scripture printable, Duluth gift card winner and my trip ‘off the grid’

This past weekend, Tiny and I had the pleasure of enjoying a trip to a family cabin in the woods of northern Pa.

CampWe went with my mom and dad, my sister and brother-in-law and their family, and my aunt and uncle.

Here’s my dad with his dog, Jake.


And my mom with my niece, Rosie.


Little man stayed home with the hubs because he is at a stage right now (10 months) where it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to sleep in a two-room cabin with him. 😉 Hopefully next year everyone in our family can go. But it was still nice to enjoy some mom/daughter time with Tiny.

I always love visiting my aunt and uncle’s family cabin because it forces me to totally unplug and enjoy the outdoors and the company of other people. No cell service, no electricity, no electronics.


We took a few hikes.

Terry-and-boys-on-hike Family-hike-pic

From left to right, my nephews Dylan and Robbie, Aunt Terry, my daughter, Eva (aka Tiny), and my dad.

We went fishing. But first, the kids had to catch some bait.


Here we are after a fishing excursion with my sister, Megan.


On Saturday afternoon, we took a short drive to Elk County and saw 48 of these magnificent creatures.



The kids had such an amazing time. They played in the creek … a lot.


And my Uncle Butch taught them the proper way to build a fire.


Overall, it was a wonderful time with family in the great outdoors.

Here’s my brother-in-law, Rob, with daughter, Rosie.


I tried to get some good fall foliage shots over the weekend. I took one of the path that leads from the cabin to the stream and added a scripture verse. To download a free, frame-able copy that you can print out, click here or on the pic below.


Before I go today, I wanted to announce the winner of the $50 Duluth Trading Co. gift card. Congrats to Becky M.!


Have you gone “off the grid” lately?

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15 Responses

  1. Mom High says:

    Beautiful pictures Susan!

  2. Becky M. says:

    Woo hoo!!! Thanks for the giveaway and the wonderful pictures. I am from PA and miss the fall up there.

  3. Julia says:

    Just came back from a weekend “off the grid” in North Carolina. It was wonderful.

  4. Ruth says:

    Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful place for family adventures and relaxing. The colors are gorgeous. Here in southeast Alabama we’re still 90% green, leaves just starting to turn and fall. And still hot! I enjoy your blog, tips, and podcast.

  5. Eva says:

    Great pictures. Love living in a rural area but gotta ave the electricity!

  6. Amy K says:

    Love this post! Reminds me of the times I used to go camping with you guys! Playing in the crick and sitting around the campfire! Special moments I’ll treasure forever! :o)

  7. Donna Gibson says:

    So enjoyed seeing your site and learning more about you and what you do. The photos taught me a little about your family who sat in front of us in church on Sunday. It’s like a puzzle for us not knowing who is related and who is not, but the Allison’s are my side of the family that I know and is nice learning about yours. Your photos are captivating too. I, too, am a photographer, huge gardener, and also work online with as a blogger with a weekly blog on Diabetes in the Family. I have 18 years of experience with a local newspaper as a correspondent and photographer, so this at-home job fits right in. It also gives me time to play my pianos too. Looking forward to all that God has in store for us each day as we share the world around us with others! God Bless!

  8. Big Mega says:

    What great pics you got!!!! It was a fun trip, Can’t wait for next year when little man and Matt can make it!

  1. October 16, 2013

    […] Free scripture printable, Duluth gift card winner and my trip ‘off the grid’ […]

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