How I organize my pantry

Our current home is the only place we have ever lived that included a full pantry closet in the kitchen. Let me tell you, it is a glorious thing.

Today I want to share with you how I’ve organized it, and explain what’s working for our family and what could improve.

Pantry closetWhen we bought our home, the pantry was already outfitted with wire shelving units in the closet and on the pantry door. I’ve never been crazy about wire shelves. They tend to bow quickly under the weight of items, making it difficult for cans and such to stand up properly. The one thing I do like about them is that they don’t collect much dust. If I ever decide to rework our pantry (I have a long list of other projects to do first), I’d like to replace the wire shelves with wooden versions and include at least one more. The vertical space is not being maximized. There is a lot of room between that top shelf and the ceiling.

Pantry door organizationI absolutely love this door organizer (you should be able to find one at any major home improvement store)! I don’t have to dig for spices in the back of a cabinet or use precious counter space to display a spice rack. And since the pantry is located near the stove, I can quickly access any spices or mixes I need. Efficient! I alphabetize my spices and store larger canisters and bottles on the bottom shelves, which have more head space. I don’t have to hunt long for something and I always know what I have on hand – no wasting money on multiple, unnecessary supplies.

Canned goodsI use this same approach when organizing canned goods on the pantry shelves. I alphabetize and store like items together.

Plastic storage containersI purchased a handful of inexpensive, BPA-free plastic containers from Walmart for storing dry items. I keep the cereal on a lower shelf so Tiny can easily serve herself. These storage bins have created an organized system for me that really works because I only buy stuff when a container is empty. No more half-full boxes stuffed in the back that need to be checked before heading to the store. I can quickly and easily take inventory of what I’ve got left.

Storage containersOn the floor of the pantry, I keep a storage bin for dog food and a basket for produce.

Dog food storage ideaAlthough my pantry probably won’t win any awards from Martha Stewart, it works well for our family. It is organized and labeled and makes grocery shopping a breeze.

Do you have any tips for organizing a pantry?

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8 Responses

  1. Molly says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing! I like to keep my seldom used small appliances in my pantry. The bread maker, food processor, dehydrator, grilling tools, etc…They go in there so that my kitchen cabinets can house the stuff I use often. Also, I tend to always have a large supply of the small cans of tomato sauce, so they have their own plastic bin to avoid a toppling mess of cans!

  2. Jamiee says:

    Great idea for produce Susan! I have a ton on baskets to get rid of! Thank you. You are inspiring! 🙂

  3. Pam P says:

    Very well organized ~I’m really liking the spice organizer idea on the pantry door!! I too have a similar closet size pantry in my kitchen and also keep my seldom used small appliances on the bottom shelf. I like to keep my countertops clutter free and ready to make cupey cakes and shocklate sip tookies! 😉 Blessings and thanks for sharing your pantry!

  4. Audrey Flores says:

    Love the containers!!! I’ve been looking for similar ones to organize my pantry too but couldn’t find reasonably priced ones. Can you tell me the brand of the ones you have? Many thanks for the inspiration:)

    • Susan says:

      Audrey, nearly all of the containers in my pantry came from our local Walmart. I’m not sure of the brand. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  5. Joyce Thatcher says:

    How do I order the pantry door shelving?

    • Susan says:

      It was there when we bought our house, so I didn’t actually buy it. But it looks like you can easily find a similar one online by Googling “Pantry door organizer.”

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