Simple outdoor dropcloth pillows

I love to change out the throw pillows in a space because it’s one of the easiest – and thriftiest – ways for me to freshen up my décor for the season. I’ve been sewing my own throw pillows for years and have gotten it down to about a half-hour science (per pillow). I even started adding zippers to my pillows so I can remove the covers and throw them in the washing machine. (I have small children. Need I say more?)


Recently, I combined two of my favorite thrifty things – paint and a painter’s dropcloth – to create stenciled, outdoor throw pillows for my Adirondack furniture. You can view my full, step-by-step tutorial in the Paint+Pattern Design Magazine here.


If you have any reservations about sewing your own dropcloth pillows, I can reassure you that you can do it! I am not a precise seamstress and I’ve been able to produce these consistently with minimal difficulty. Why not give it a shot this summer?

Special thanks to Royal Design Studio for sponsoring this stencil project. 

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