25-cent yard sale find transformation

Confession: The hoarding situation in my basement is dire. I absolutely have to clean and organize it before a dog or small child gets swallowed in the clutter. Part of the reason things have gotten so out of control is because I have so many “treasures” down there I just can’t bear to part with. 😉 One of them is this 25-cent yard sale find I rescued from the rubble recently:


My goal was to repaint the wooden bottom to look like aged metal, similar to what I did with my Pottery Barn knockoff sign and dumpster chair redo.

So instead of cleaning and organizing my basement yesterday, I got to work redoing my yard sale treasure instead. There’s always tomorrow, right? 😉

I started by giving the wooden base a good coat of my favorite black primer.


After that dried, I brushed on a coat of Modern Masters® Metallic Paint in Warm Silver.


For the second and third coats, I sponged on a combination of Modern Masters Metallic Paint in Pewter, Black Pearl and Smoke. I’ve found the key to achieving a realistic aged-metal look is by layering different metallic colors.


While the wooden base dried, I created a small decorative display for under the glass cloche. I cut out a tiny piece of floral foam using my electric knife.


I pushed a few sprigs of spring faux flowers into the foam and wrapped the foam with burlap, securing it with twine. Done!


I already had all the supplies on hand, so this project literally cost me a total of 25 cents!


Now I should start cleaning and organizing that basement …

Have you picked up any yard sale treasures yet this year?

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4 Responses

  1. gail says:

    Great project Susan! I like your tips on achieving the look by layering the metallic paints.
    I’ve been trying to tidy one of my storage areas. I uncovered an old, old, project that I never really liked, and did a remake on it. Hoping to rehome it soon since it has a better look… too many “finished” projects in storage. Need to make room . . . someday soon I hope.
    good luck to you!

  2. Big Mega says:

    OMG super cute! You’re always the nifty, thrifty finder ever since I’ve known you, I’m going to need you to rub some of that off on me here soon, it’s almost yardsale season!!

    • Susan says:

      Warning: Yard sale finds lead to basement fiascos. Did you see my Facebook post with my basement pic? Yikes! 🙂 #mustgetorganized

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