More thrifty, exterior light makeovers

Perhaps you’ll recall the easy, exterior light update I did over the summer using metallic paint from Modern Masters. Well, what I didn’t mention was that I only transformed one of the lights for the photo shoot. I still had four more boogers to paint: two on either side of the garage, one on the side entrance of our home, and one post light at the bottom of our driveway.

I finally got around to tackling the rest of them this week.


I brushed on three coats of the copper penny metallic paint, then finished that off with two coats of the MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat. If you’re tempted to go with only two coats of the metallic paint, I will say that the third coat really created the smooth, flawless finish I was going for. Any brush marks disappeared and the pieces just gleamed.


This was one of those times when I was kicking myself for not having a paint sprayer. It would have made the whole project go so much faster. I used to have a paint sprayer, but I lost one of its microscopic (yet vital) pieces and it didn’t work correctly after that. Plus I didn’t clean it out thoroughly and gummed up the works as a result.

I think the “new” copper lights are a great contrast to the green vinyl siding.


Exterior-light-with-rockerOutdoor-lights-redo-2Exterior-light-redo-frontIn case you missed the “before” this summer, this is what the lights used to look like:


Light-before-and-afterWhat do you think of the transformation?

6 thoughts on “More thrifty, exterior light makeovers

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  2. What kind of brush did you use to paint the lights. I just finished sandblasting some lights and they are ready for paint. I have the MM paint and clear. Yours came out really nice.

    • I usually use my favorite brush, Purdy. I think I used a 2″ sash brush on this project just because that’s what I had on hand. I always use the best brush I can afford. It really makes a difference. My first choice is Purdy. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment on the project.

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