Christmas home tour

I hope you are enjoying the blessings of the holiday season!

I finally got around to photographing the Christmas decorations around here, so I thought I’d give you a little Christmas home tour. This year has been a real challenge because we’ve got a curious toddler who is undoing everything as fast as I can get it set up. 🙂 I found a tree ornament mixed in with the onions in my pantry the other day!

I did manage to get the tree up, although any ornaments from toddler height down are looking a little raggedy.


I put together a thrifty tablescape that includes some easy crafts and party favors.


My mantelscape (is that a word?) literally only cost me $1.


I added a few small touches to the dining room.


The decorations on the table were so easy to put together.


I filled a small canning jar with fake snow then plopped in an LED votive candle (I got mine from Target). Then I added some garland and ball ornaments. Done.

Here’s a look at the dining room buffet table.


I managed to get a bit of swag on the staircase banister.

Holiday banister

While I was doing that, little man was creeping in on my reindeer decoration.


I also had a few photo-bombing issues while I was snapping pictures of my front door decor. 🙂



I need to find a better way to hide that snowman cord. Any ideas?

We had to forego our precious Christmas village this year because of said little man. 😉 So instead I added a small centerpiece to the TV console.


Here are a few pics of the kitchen decor. My favorite thing is the letter to Santa (from our 7-year old) on the fridge.

Believe Cardinal Christmas-kitchen Santa-sign Snowmen Trees

I love my Christmas curtains, especially since they only cost me $4.99 at Gabriel Brothers! They’re Waverly, I think.


I added a few small touches to the downstairs half bath. I’m totally digging the disposable hand towels right now.

Bathroom-shelf Bathroom-sink

So that is basically what I pulled together this year. Have you finished your Christmas decorating yet?

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24 Responses

  1. Very nice. Your little one is very cute, too!

  2. Cindy Stone says:

    Looks very nice! As for the snowman cord, could you just put the snowman on the other side of the door, where the outlet is?

    • Susan says:

      Thanks for the tip, Cindy. I thought about that, but when I tried it and moved the chairs to the other side, everything looked disproportional. Maybe I’ll resort to that again. Hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas!

  3. Lisa says:

    Looks greAt! Your little one is precious! Where did you get your valance in the kitchen? Love it!

  4. Donna says:

    Looks so inviting and beautifully displayed. The snowman cord can stay on that side and you can conceal it with a little green garland and make a tiny nest around the snowman with a small row of garland. A little hay would be nice too with a few large bulbs or pine cones to add color!

  5. Joy says:

    Your home and decor always looks, so warm and inviting! Thanks for sharing, you make decorating look easy and elegant. It’s a big help to those of us, who are decor challenged, lol. 🙂 Hope you have a great Christmas!!!!

  6. laura says:

    The snow man looks just fine. Our porch décor keeps blowing over with the strong winds we have had the last week or so. We finally screwed the soldiers feet to the porch to help him stay upright! And leaned the polar bear against the brick. Do what you gotta do!

  7. Joy says:


    Everything looks lovely. Glad you decided to include the photo-bombers–they’re the best part. I can just picture your little one thinking that ornament was right at home among the onions (probably similar shape, I’m just guessing) or maybe he got distracted by something else. Either way just so sweet.

  8. Patricia Routt says:

    Everything looks beautiful, and warm. Your little man is just precious, if only they could stay little like that for just a little longer. You could switch your chair to the other side of the door, then move your snowman to where the chair is and roll up your cord, then plug it in. Then after the holidays move your chair back.

  9. Valerye C says:

    Your little boy is absolutely precious. I loved your Christmas home tour. Your blog is so heartwarming. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  10. if you do not want to move the snowman – any home improvement store (Lowes or Home Depot) can cut you a piece of pvc electrical conduit pipe that you can slide the cord thru. Conduit is grey, similar to your porch, and it would roll in nicely against the house. Just be sure the plug will go thru the size you get (Bought lesson on my part) If the porch is somewhat weather resistant you could simply use the cardboard tubes from wrapping paper painted the grey color.

  11. Julia says:

    Your home is beautiful. And your precious little man is so cute 🙂

    As for your Snowman, do away with the cord and use an LED candle ?? They come in so many sizes you might not have to modify the cord opening much for the LED.

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