The bathroom faucet that almost required therapy

I have been kicking myself in the pants a lot lately, working really hard to get this master bathroom project done! The “new” mirror and frame have been installed, and outlets and switches have been changed. But the pièce de résistance by far has been the new bathroom faucets I ordered online from Westside Wholesale.

New-faucet-closeup Two of these beauties were sitting on my dining room table for about a week before we got around to installing one over the weekend. You know, some ladies love jewelry; others love clothes or handbags. This DIY diva can get pretty excited over a plumbing fixture. 🙂

I may have been spotted a few dozen times last week, holding and caressing these faucets as if they were my own children. They are that gorgeous. The hubs spotted me ogling them in the dining room and I overheard him mumble something about “needing professional help.”

All kidding aside, I am really happy with the Moen faucets I chose. They are brilliant chrome with some real weight to them. I am also totally digging the cute little “H” and “C” buttons.

Faucet-ultra-closeup The hubs likes them because they are high enough that he can drink directly from them.


Do you find it intriguing how different faucet finishes seem to come in and out of style? I remember when anything and everything was oil-rubbed bronze. I still really love that finish and it is in several places in my home. But I’ve noticed lately that the shinier, cooler finishes, like chrome, have been making a serious comeback.

My goal for this bathroom has been to communicate a style I like to call “coastal elegance.” I want to feel like I’m in a posh, waterfront hotel bathroom when I’m in here. In fact, in nearly every room in this house, I try to give a nod to a natural, coastal-infused design that reflects our home’s location (in the woods near a lake).


The hubs actually installed the first faucet for me. But I took great notes and will be installing the second one myself. I’ll be sharing my “how to install a bathroom faucet” video with you later this week. (Ladies: If I can do it, you can do it.)

Just so you can see what a difference one fixture makes, here’s the old faucet:

Faucet-before And the new faucet:


Next on the project docket (after the second faucet) will be installing a new lighting fixture and painting the vanity.

What do you think of the new faucet? Also, if you live in the local area (central Pa.) and are in need of two free, working bathroom faucets, I’d love to find a home for our old fixtures. You can contact me here.

Disclosure: Westside Wholesale provided me with my choice of fixture in exchange for a review on this blog. As always, all text, opinions and sweat equity are mine (and the hubs’).

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18 Responses

  1. Meg says:


  2. Felicia says:

    Love! We used brilliant chrome in our master bath redo too. I just love shining those babies up. Is that sick? 🙂

  3. Patricia Routt says:

    It is gorgeous, and 20 years from now if a part wares out they will send you the replacement part free not even charge shipping, I know my husband called them about our kitchen faucet, he replaced it 19 years ago and about a month ago he called them and in less than a week we had it. I would have rather got a new one, but my very, very frugal husband said we will replace it when we replace the sink, we will see.

  4. Donna Gibson says:

    Very nice and charming! I see you have an electrical outlet along side of the sink on the wall. It is a perfect place to plug in the hair dryer you can buy that can mount on the wall just above it. Then the room will all be complete. Years ago, I think I got ours at Sears. I’m not sure if they are still available, but you can ask any hotel or motel about where they get theirs. Great job!

    • Mimi says:

      NO! Don’t ruin the appearance of that gorgeous bath with a wall-mounted hair dryer. A bathroom that beautiful deserves a hairdryer mounted inside the vanity below the sink — easy to get, but hidden. Don’t let saving two extra seconds in the morning mar the coastal elegance.

  5. Sue says:

    OMG, I’m so glad I’m not the only one with this disease! I love going to Menard’s and cruising the faucet aisle! I used Delta teapot faucets in shiny chrome with gold handles in my bathrooms when I remodeled a few years ago. Thanks for admitting our mutual addiction!

  6. Pat says:

    The faucets are beautiful! What a great choice! I like shining my chrome faucet too. Must have the same bug, lol.

  7. Dorth says:

    My faucet is like your old one. How much was your new one and where did you get it? Thanks.

  8. dah says:

    So funny – we are remodeling and can offer our faucets (exactly like yours) too! Do you have name and or model # of your new gorgeous moen faucets? Do you mind if I buy the same ones? Love your choice!

  9. Nikki lehnhardt says:

    I like chrome too. When we re-did 2 bathrooms (master and guest) last year I wanted chrome everything – faucets, light fixtures, towel bars, etc. The guy at the plumbing supply place keep trying to push brushed nickel. He finally just gave up and decided I was a nut when I told him I also wanted everything square shapes. No curves. The bathrooms look great and I won’t care what finish comes into vogue next. Get what speaks to you.

  1. May 18, 2014

    […] The bathroom faucet that almost required therapy […]

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