How to frame a bathroom mirror

Our family has moved a lot over the years and it seems that in every home we’ve landed, the mirrors in the bathrooms have been naked.

Now just to clarify, I don’t mean the people in the bathroom mirrors were naked. I mean the mirrors themselves were. No pretty framing … no detail … just a piece of glass hanging on a wall.

Well, you know me and I can’t have anything plain hanging up around this joint, so I made it my mission to add frames to

I started ambitiously tackling the mirror in the downstairs half bath right after we moved in. I added white chair rail molding around it, cutting the pieces out on a miter saw. You can get all the details of that project here.



I apologize for the crappy photos. I had just started blogging and was definitely still learning the ropes with the camera. (Who am I kidding? I’m still learning the ropes.)

For the mirror in our upstairs guest bathroom, I ordered a mirror frame from Mirror Mates. I had a really good coupon that brought the price down and, honestly, at that point I didn’t trust my DIY skills enough to build my own frame by myself. (The hubs helped me out with the half bath mirror frame.) The frame turned out beautifully and it was pretty easy to install.



To read all about how that project went down, click here.

Then, the gears really started turning. I now had insider secrets about how to make my own frame, thanks to what I learned from the Mirror Mates template. 😉

Hands-down, my favorite mirror frame in my home is the DIY driftwood mirror frame (with no nails or screws) I built in our master bathroom.



I made this one all by myself. Remember those commercials where people try to do amazing feats and, when they’re asked how they’re qualified, they reply, “I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night?” Well, after this project, I felt like I could do anything because, “I built my own mirror frame in the master bathroom.” 🙂

To get the details on how you, too, can build this amazingly easy mirror frame, click here.

Have you ever attempted to dress up a mirror in your home? I’d love for you to leave a comment – or even a link – describing your project.

Happy mirror framing!

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5 Responses

  1. This gives me inspiration, Susan. All of our bathroom mirrors are simply plain panes of mirrored glass, and it’s clear that adding a frame is a great upgrade. Good work!!

  2. malissa says:

    This is great. We too have plain mirrors in our home and I dreaded having to replace them. This is a great alternative!

  3. teresa says:

    Although I don’t need this project, it looks great. You’ve totally nailed this and it makes a huge different to the look in your bathrooms.

  4. Catherine says:

    I love the wall colors and the addition of headboard made a huge difference of the bathroom. The towel basket and cupboard added great details to the space. This new framed mirror just complete the whole upgrading project! I m impressed by the out coming result, the Before and After look like 2 totally different rooms. But a question from , how do you deal with steam since you use headboard next to the bathtub? Won’t they go mouldy?

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