Decorating the staircase for fall

Ooooh. I am so excited. Our “new” house (we moved last January) has a staircase that I can decorate! In all of the homes we’ve lived in since the hubs and I tied the knot in 2000 (seven so far … homes, that is, not marriages LOL), this is the first with an honest-to-goodness staircase with banisters and everything! I know, it’s the little things people. Humor me.

Well, last night I got to work decorating my “new” staircase for fall.

I picked up two strands of leaf garland (on clearance for $7.99 each) from the cauuuuutest little country craft shop on Ferguson Valley Road near McVeytown, Pa. It’s called Garden Treasures. I wrote a story on the business in June; read more by clicking Garden Treasures.

I also picked up my yearly supply of fall pumpkins at Bilger’s Pumpkins, which is a beautiful little farm located about a mile from Garden Treasures on the same country road. Locals: Turn at the pumpkin sign located along Route 22 in McVeytown.

To beef up my staircase leaf garland a bit, I added some wide burlap garland. I bought a huge roll of it at Michaels a few weeks ago for $9.99, I think.

For the finishing touches, I added this beautiful fall ribbon (another Michaels purchase).

Spoiler alert: You are going to see this same ribbon show up in more of my DIY fall projects. Try to contain your excitement.

Then I added some orange twinkly lights (yes, that’s their official name). The only problem with that (I bet you can guess) is this science fair project I created along the wall of our staircase with the cord.

My plan is to purchase a few of those handy-dandy 3M Command Adhesive Cord Organizers (get coupons for them here) that stick to the wall and then, supposedly, come off easily with no damage to the drywall. I’ll let you know how that goes.

At any rate, the little twinkly lights pretty much completed this year’s fall staircase ensemble.

Disclaimer: I did have some decorating help with this project from our little girl. I asked the hubs to take a photo of Tiny’s ribbon creation. This is what he got:

Good thing he’s cute and a computer whiz, because I’m not sure he would make it as a photographer. 😉

Well, there you have it folks … a fall staircase. Have you caught the fall fever yet? If not, stay tuned. Next week, I’ll be revealing my fall mantel and showing you how to make an elegant (and cheap!) fall wreath.

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  1. Matt says:

    I love the staircase.

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  2. November 30, 2011

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