Decorating with the color of the year

I’ve never been one to hop on the trend bandwagon because keeping up with the latest in home decor and fashion can be exorbitantly expensive. And, honestly, I’m more of an independent spirit … a decorate what I want, when I want with what I want kind of gal.

That said, I have recently become intrigued with this whole Pantone Color of the Year idea. Perhaps it’s because I was a graphic designer in a former life. Who knows? (By the way, Pantone, Inc. is a corporation best known for its Pantone Color Matching System, which standardizes color reproduction. Standardizing colors allows different manufacturers in different places to all refer to one system to make sure colors match. In other words, let’s say you designed a magazine ad and you want to make sure the beautiful blue you used to create the ad comes out looking just that right shade of blue on the page, not greenish or yellowish or anything else. When you send the ad to the printer, you would indicate which Pantone color you used and they would use the exact same one. Kapish?)

Pantone selected Emerald 17-5641 as its 2013 Color of the Year.

Pantone color of the year


Now it’s showing up in fashion, home decor and everywhere else. So I thought it might be fun to peruse my house and see if I had any emerald-inspired stuff to showcase. Then I could claim I was hip and “with it” regarding current decorating trends, right? Here’s what I found:


I got this vase on Saturday for a quarter at a yard sale. Oh yea … all you “yardies” out there (my official term for fellow yard salers :)), are you aware that the season is now in full swing?


My handmade kitchen valance has an emerald vibe.

Blog-office-spaceThe ribbon detail on my desktop table runner is a gorgeous shade of emerald.

Ampersand-decorationPantone-color-of-the-year-emerald-green-decorationsIt’s probably a reach, but I think the greenery on my mantle and the decorations above my stove have an emerald feel.

Have you tried decorating using Pantone’s Color of the Year?

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3 Responses

  1. sarah says:

    That pitcher vase is lovely!!!

  2. Matt says:

    I have always been a fan of emerald green. Glad it is the color of the year.

  3. Pam P says:

    I think we share the same decorating style. I like emerald green, but using it like you have (not over whelming or so in-your-face obvious) with the plants, the vase the window topper are far better than bathing a whole room in that color. ILURVEYARDSALES too!

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