From mildewed to marvelous: 5 basement makeovers

Like every other red-blooded family out there, it seems the home improvement dream list just keeps getting longer. I currently have more projects on the horizon than I can count on both hands. But someday … oh, that hopeful word … I would really like to focus on our basement. I’d like to add some extra living space down there and maybe even create a few specialty rooms, such as a play space for the kids, a designated workout room, a studio where the mister and I can do our video/podcast work, and perhaps even a man cave. Ambitious plans, huh?

In the meantime, I recently partnered with a firm to help promote some great basement makeover ideas. Check them out below:

Multi-function Room


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Are you like me and you’re thinking about better utilizing your basement? Depending on how large your space is, you could consider making it a multi-function room. These rooms typically combine rustic features with modern fixtures and furnishings. This would be great for a TV lounge/workout room combination. I love this concept and I especially love all the built-in bookshelves. I could fill those up in no time!

Kids Playroom 


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Do you have a less than adequate yard or live in an area that isn’t conducive to a lot of outdoor play? Consider converting your subterranean space into a child’s play room. You could accent it with kid-friendly furniture and colors, potentially making it their favorite room in the house. I would love to have a designated spot like this to corral all the toys (and tots) in one spot. I’m also digging the recessed lighting and that cool slide nook.

Rec Room/Man Cave


Image source

A common renovation for a basement is a man cave. If done right, this could be a great oasis after a hard day at work. My mister enjoys playing poker with his buddies on occasion. I showed him this photo and his eyes lit up. He would seriously love this! If you or your man are poker fanatics, you can actually DIY your own poker table. This tutorial on how to build your own poker table gives you everything you need to know. Of course, if you or your significant other would rather shoot pool, there are plenty of inexpensive options for turning your basement into the perfect billiards room. A billiards room … that sounds so dapper, doesn’t it? (Does anyone besides me still use the term dapper?)

Spare Bedroom

Spare bedroomImage source

A basement can also make a perfect spare bedroom or extra bedroom for a growing family. For those of you who want to make it a spare bedroom, consider choosing light and inviting furnishings and colors. If you’re planning on making it a child’s bedroom, one fun thing you can do is collaborate with the kidlets and let them design their own room down to what colors they want.

 Studio or Office

Home office

Image source

A basement can also be the perfect spot to create a private studio or home office. (Ahhh. Privacy. What’s that again?) When setting this up, you’ll probably want to make sure you choose decor and furnishings that will inspire you professionally and maximize your work output and efficiency. If done correctly, you could even qualify for a home office deduction on your taxes. (Consult your tax professional for advice on whether you qualify for the deduction.) I absolutely love that desk, don’t you? I bet I could DIY that …

I hope these gorgeous spaces have gotten your creative juices flowing. Have any of you recently renovated your basement? If so, please leave me a comment and let me know how you’re using your new-found space.

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  1. Anne says:

    You need to make sure that any bedrooms in the basement have proper egress. Check the building codes where you live, because many will not allow bedrooms in the basement unless there are windows in the room no more than 3-4 feet off of the floor. The glass area needs to be big enough for a fireman to get through. The projects look great, just reminding people that local codes need to be consulted!

  2. Good post, i will share with my friends.

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