Favorite thrifty projects of all time (Part 2)

I hope you got the chance earlier this week to peruse the first five of my all-time-favorite, thrifty DIY projects. In case you didn’t, you can check out Part 1 here.

Today I wanted to share five more of my favs with you. Again, these are projects that have stood the test of time; ones I still enjoy looking at; ones that still work for our family; and ones that have saved us real money versus buying already-finished products or hiring people to do the work for us.

1. The Great Outdoor Fan Renovation



One word of caution: Although I still consider this project a total win, if I had the chance to do it over, I would have avoided switching the fan blades. I had to replace them because I broke one while taking the fan apart to paint. After I installed the “new” blades, it messed up the fan’s balance, so now it wobbles a bit. If you can avoid using different fan blades (i.e. don’t break one), you should be fine. 😉

2. Poor-man’s wainscoting (I also did this in the dining room.)


This project might win the prize for giving our home the most high-end impact at the cheapest price. I LOVE this molding. In fact, it’s created an unhealthy molding addiction inside me. Now I.must.do.molding in pretty much every room I touch. 🙂

3. Front door redo with paint and hardware


And after:


The faux wood paint technique I used on this door turned out absolutely amazing, and the durability of the finish is impressive. Our dog jumps on this door every day and the finish has not been scratched at all! I admit it’s weird, but this door makes me smile every time I look at it. Goodbye Christmas house (i.e. red door against green siding). 😉

4. DIY patio set for $160


Thanks, sis and bro-in-law, for the free table.

5. Garage renovation: From danger zone to ‘Welcome home’

Finished garage cabinets

I wrapped up the renovation on this one side of the garage last fall. It’s funny because there is still one whole side of the garage that still needs worked on. So every time we open the garage door, the left side looks like a “before” picture and the right side looks like an “after” picture. 🙂

What thrifty, DIY home improvement plans have you made for 2015?

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