My love/hate relationship with the color red

Hello! I hope you had an enjoyable Fourth of July holiday filled to the brim with red, white and blue.

Um, speaking of RED … I have been wanting for a few years now to paint a room in my house that color. I’ve never taken the plunge before, but now that we’ve recently moved and I’m starting with, basically, a blank slate, I figured why not?

I decided our downstairs half bath would be a great candidate for red because it’s small and it has a window and large mirror, so the color won’t seem overwhelming in this space.

This is what I started with …

Just for the record: I take no responsibility for the “before.” It was the previous homeowners who came up with the … um … interesting scheme. Yea. That’s what we’ll call it.

This is the bathroom halfway through the “red” process. Prepare yourself.

People … This project took five coats of red paint to cover all the black splotches and to actually look like the color on the paint swatch. Yes. You read that right … FIVE COATS! By the way, if you’re painting a room red, may I suggest starting with a dark grey or black primer? This will help the true red come out without having to put on … count them … five coats of paint. I’m still twitching when I think about maneuvering around this tiny room.

Any-hoo, to make a long, painful remodeling story short and to save you the agony of reading about what truly went down in this three-month room redo, I’ll just say, stay tuned for the big (… er, maybe I should call it “little”) reveal coming soon.

Oh, and y’all won’t want to miss my upcoming tutorial on how to transform your basic bathroom mirror into a fabuloso custom piece by adding chunk-ay, white molding. Folks, this is an easy and quick project and it really makes a difference in a room. Plus, it’s a great beginner project for those of you who are rookies when it comes to a miter saw.

Have a blessed day and let’s get out there and enjoy summer while it lasts. Seriously … no whining about the heat.




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  1. Jess A. says:

    I love your writing style Sus! I’m eating it up!

  1. August 1, 2011

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