#008: How I lost 48 lbs. without spending money on diets or gyms [Podcast]

Tis the time of year when losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle seems to be at the forefront of a lot of our minds. I know I could certainly benefit from making healthier food choices (I have a terrible sweet tooth). ūüėČ

However, I did have some major weight loss success last year that I’m extremely proud of, so I wanted to take a moment and share with you the top three changes I made that worked together to help me lose 48 lbs.¬†without spending any money on diet plans or gym memberships.


Hopefully, the information I share about my personal weight loss journey is helpful to you in some way (especially considering I just posted a very embarrassing picture of me eating fried chicken).

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Episode 8 resources

Weight Loss Pillar 1: Identity-based motivation
I was introduced to this concept through the Internet Business Mastery website and podcast.

Weight Loss Pillar 2: A new approach to exercise

Weight Loss Pillar 3: A food lifestyle shift that was manageable and sustainable

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Launching the Living Rich on Less podcast has been a growth experience for me. I am working hard to get better with each episode. I welcome your feedback on how I can improve. And I’m always looking for fresh topics for future episodes.

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11 Responses

  1. becky zannino says:

    Great job on this podcast, Great ideas!

  2. Sandy F. says:

    I would like it so much if you would also post a printed version of your podcast for those of us who would rather read it. Congrats on the weight loss – you look great!

  3. Leisa says:

    I enjoy your website and podcast very much. Did you purchase Jason and Jeremy’s “Academy” to start your internet business? You are doing a great job.

    • Susan says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Leisa. No, I didn’t purchase their academy, although I’m sure it’s very good. I just got the information from listening to their podcast. I love it!

  4. Stefanie Tang says:

    Your tips are tried and true in my opinion!! :))). I have had four babies and gained 80-90 lbs EACH PREGNANCY because of thyroid problems. Your philosophy of mimicking the habits of who you want to be is what I used to lose the weight each time. With my last baby who was born 22 months ago, I gained 90 and have lost 100. Like you, I am a veterens so I always want to go back to the way I felt in those days…energetic, healthy, strong, mentally stable. Chasing after 4 kiddos requires stamina that is impossible to keep if I am overweight and not feeling my best. I struggle with health issues from my thyroid daily but it can’t be an excuse to not try. I say that because we all have obstacles that can detour us from our goals…but like you said, instead of dwelling on those obstacles, focus on the image of who you are becoming…the end result. :))). Very good message! Thank you!!!

    • Susan says:

      Stefanie, what an inspirational comment. Thanks so much for sharing. Congratulations on all your amazing weight loss accomplishments! You rock.

  5. Donna Gibson says:

    Very interesting advice. From my involvement with everydayhealth.com and doing discussion groups on weigh loss, I know that having a goal in mind, a purpose, or reason for losing the weight is always important. However, losing weight has to include portion control, eating the right kind of foods, changing bad habits and replacing them with healthier alternatives, and including exercise daily. Instead of having cheats, we should call them rewards, and keep them minimal and in small portions such as using the three-bite rule for desserts. Sometimes even just one bite is all we need for our brain to have those chemical changes for happiness and satisfaction. However, most of all, my goal is presenting a life worth living and pleasing to God. We were given our bodies, and when we misuse it with bad foods and lack of exercise, we aren’t taking the best care of it. Losing weight takes work, denial, determination, desire, and daily dedication. Also, you have been blessed with a working thyroid. In my case, not so much, and I’ve learned I can be blue in the face with exercise, and portion control, and gain weight, and came about after hormonal changes at 29 yrs. old! The thyroid is a whole different story when it comes to losing weight, even if you follow all you have suggested on your podcast. For me, I have to burn over 19,800 calories to lose a pound, compared to the average person of 3500 calories to lose a pound. It is just how my thyroid is working since having two sons 23 and 25 years ago, but am working with my doctor in the past 3 years for that balance, and hope for some day to have that perfect body back. But, we both know, that may not happen on earth, but in eternity. Our bodies are a living sacrifice here on earth, and we are just asked to do the best we can with it! Attitude, unselfishness and focus goes a long way to meeting those goals. I appreciated your thoughts!

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