Middle sis is getting married

Hey there! Have I ever mentioned how much Tiny makes me laugh? (Tiny is our 5-year-old daughter, by the way.) Since she was born, we have always called her “Tiny.” Now, even though she is one of the tallest 5-year-olds I know, the nickname has stuck.

Well, the other day, our little girl says, “Mom, I don’t think I want to be called ‘Tiny’ anymore. I would like to be called ‘Karate Chop.’” Her dad and I humored her for a few days. Fortunately, she decided to go back to ‘Tiny.’ Whew. 🙂

OK … on to today’s post. I have some exciting news. Middle sis is getting married!

You may remember, last year I posted about baby sis getting married. Well, this summer, wedding bells are gonna ring for middle sis and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So far, mom and dad are holding up OK. This will be the last of their girls to leave home to start a family, so they are officially entering that “empty nest” phase.

We went out with middle sis recently to shop for her wedding dress and we had a blast. Here’s a sneak peak at “the one.”

Here’s a photo of all of us at the dress shop: From left to right, middle sis, baby sis, me and mom is in the middle. (Mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a little over 10 years ago.)

After picking out the wedding and bridesmaid dresses, we headed out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for some grub.

We had such a great girl’s night out. Plus I found a fabulous pair of shoes on clearance at the dress shop.

Now, I only hope middle sis lets me help with her wedding decorations … She is planning on having an outdoor, country-style reception complete with a bluegrass band. That’s how we country girls roll!

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14 Responses

  1. Cindy Stone says:

    AWESOME!!!! Pics are great! I had the pleasure of shopping with Blake’s fiancee, her mother and sister last weekend for her wedding gown and we as well had a great time. I LOVE weddings and the planning of.

  2. "middle sis" says:

    You are so cute sis thank you for this awesome post about all of us! that was such a fun day, I recently picked up my dress FINALLY so it’s at home and waiting on accessories! and OF COURSE I would love your help with decorations! we will talk soon! your blog is THE BEST!

  3. Sharon Hines says:

    Best wishes to the bride!

  4. Margaret Varner says:

    Her dress is the bomb, I gasped, really, lol….oh she will be so gorgeous…you are so funny susey cue 🙂 your daughter is the cutest little grl…besides my grands, you know what I mean, 😉 I’m so glad to see your mom and you guys out for a good old grls. time…Love Mexican but never know what to order so me and hubby don’t go…any suggestions??? and where is this?

  5. Michelle says:

    Well…..beautiful ladies. God has blessed me knowing ALL of you!:) This is so exciting. I cannot wait. The shoes are fabulous!

  6. Jo Shawver says:

    Meg will be so beautiful! I love the dress on her. You are all beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for decorations.

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