DIY coat rack and shelf in the garage

The chill in the air is reminding me that the time is now or “wait until spring” to finish Phase 4 of the garage renovation. In other words, the outdoor painting season is almost over for those of us in Pennsylvania.

I already tackled Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the garage project. In fact, I even finished Phase 5 when I painted the cabinets. So it’s time to go back and make good on my word to accomplish Phase 4, which is to build a coat rack and shelf for the insane number of coats, scarves, etc. our family drags out during the cold months. The jackets are already starting to pile up in the laundry room. 

I found the coolest idea for a coat rack/shelf combo in an old Better Homes and Gardens special interest publication:


I love the design because it incorporates a lower coat rack that kids can easily reach.

Here’s the wall in the garage I’m planning to use for the DIY coat rack and shelf:


It’s right next to the main door we use to enter our home, making it a convenient spot to drop stuff.

You’ll notice I’ve already purchased two pegboard racks that I’m planning to incorporate into my design. I bought them from this Etsy shop. I figured using already-built racks would make this project go a whole lot smoother.

So here are the plans, Stans:


Hopefully I’ll be heading to the lumber yard tomorrow to pick up some materials. More to come!

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