Thrift store plank bed (plus a giveaway from HomeRight)

This month, HomeRight® challenged its brand ambassadors (that’s me) to do a makeover on a $20 thrift store find, showing how it’s possible to create beautiful decor on a shoestring budget. So right up my alley, right? 😉 I had the absolute perfect project to tackle for this challenge.

I’m currently smack dab in the middle of our “big-boy room” transformation and one of the most important furniture pieces I needed to find for the space was an inexpensive bed.


I scored this wooden headboard for $20 and the set of bed rails for $30 at my local thrift store, with the vision of transforming it into a modern-looking piece with stained wood planks.

See what I turned it into in the brief video below (or scroll through to read the project steps).

I started the project by removing the trim from the center of the headboard.


Next I coated the headboard with paint stripper, scraped off the finish as much as possible, then used a sander, sandpaper and steel wool to remove the remainder of the old varnish.


4-sanding-off-finishThe headboard was then ready for new stain. I used my handy HomeRight Finish Max and HomeRight Spray Shelter to apply a coat of stain to the entire headboard. (Stick around for an awesome giveaway at the end of this post!) 


I chose Varathane® stain (Kona color) for its one-coat coverage and soap-and-water cleanup.


While the stain dried, I went to work on the wooden planks for the center of the headboard. I chose lattice trim boards, cutting them out on my miter saw, then arranging them randomly in the headboard.


The pattern I used is very similar to what I used when installing our hardwood flooring.


After I cut and arranged all the boards, I took them out, laid them on a dropcloth and applied stain to each piece, creating a random patchwork pattern using just about every stain color I have in my basement.


When the pieces dried, I permanently adhered them to the headboard using Liquid Nails.


Then I applied a coat of matte polyurethane to seal the planks and fill in any cracks.


Finally, I attached the “new” headboard to the rails.


Done! We’ve now got a brand new, big-boy bed.


Finished-plank-bed Finished-plank-bed-2What do you think of my thrift store transformation?


Are you feeling inspired to tackle your own transformation project? You need the HomeRight Finish Max and Spray Shelter to help you get the job done quickly and beautifully. HomeRight is giving away a Finish Max and Spray Shelter to one of you luckies! Enter below to win.

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Disclaimer: I’m thrilled to be a brand ambassador for HomeRight and, as always, all thoughts, opinions and projects are my own. 

68 thoughts on “Thrift store plank bed (plus a giveaway from HomeRight)

  1. Wow what an amazing headboard transformation!!!! I would have so many projects for a HomeRight sprayer but first on the list is my kitchen cabinets! Thanks for the chance.

  2. I love reading about all the things you can do with this HomeRight sprayer shelter. I make a mess when I spray and this would help. Thanks for doing this.

  3. I would love to own this great looking and working sprayer……….I live in Canada but , I still can dream of doing so much more for my home without asking for outside help..

  4. My Kitchen table has these angled, carved legs with sort of buttress type things that are pretty cool looking. It’s old, for the 1930s. I want to remove the legs and leave the top in the wood finish and paint the legs red. Hard with the lacy parts, but doable with a sprayer. I would get one of those neat spray tent things too.

  5. Wow another great job! I bet your son loves it, huh? I really, really need this give away. I have so many projects to paint right now. I have a whole set of bedroom furniture in my guest bedroom, I have a huge secretary that needs painted and some chairs as well. I could go on…..

    Thanks for the chance to participate.

  6. Wow! I love, love how it turned out. And so appropriate for a big boy!

    Once again, you outdid yourself!

    Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring me!



  7. We are building a garage apartment and to save money, my husband and I are finishing the interior ourselves as well as painting inside and outside. Both the HomeRight Finish Max and Spray Shelter would make our job soooo much easier!!!

  8. I would love to have this! I am renovating an old historic building in New Orleans to open a BnB. I try to use as much salvaged materials as I can find which usually means some staining & painting!

  9. Very pretty headboard. Love this idea! I would love a sprayer. I paint a lot of furniture and would love using a sprayer for some of my jobs.

  10. Love! the headboard. Beautiful Job. I want to transform my mother’s old blonde wood cedar chest. Hoping the HomeRight sprayer will make it look great

  11. That bed looks AMAZING. I want to copy you and do the same thing to a king sized head board in my room now. 🙂 If I won, the first project I would do is to refinish some vintage wooden doll furniture for my daughter.

  12. Love the headboard and all the patchwork colors, GREAT Idea. I have so many things to paint that a Homeright sprayer would come in so handy.

  13. I have a few bookcases that are straight outta the 80s: bleached oak finish, smoked glass doors …. if they weren’t so ugly I’d be tempted to call them ‘vintage’. I would love to bring them into this century with some paint.

  14. Gorgeous headboard! And you make it look so simple!! I could totally use the Homeright products to refinish a table/chairs set that I have in the storage.

  15. I would use this on outdoor furniture, dining room chairs, a dresser and so much more. I might even attempt my kitchen cabinets that need some serious love.

  16. That is just cute! I had been planning on getting the Home Right sprayer, and then my husband lost his job. As soon as he goes back to work, though, it’s mine. This Nana is getting ready to refinish baby furniture.

  17. Your headboard is so cute! i love how you mixed the different stained pieces. I would never have though of that. I bet you son loves his new big boy bed!

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  19. Wow! What a great idea. Looks amazing. I’ve have so many ideas for painting a vintage secretary desk and tons of other furniture. I wasn’t sure what to do until I discovered Home Right products!

  20. What a fantastic transformation. I have never thought to use my sprayer with stain. Will have to try that! I’m sure it saves a lot of time. So many projects, so little time.

  21. I like the bed after. Have some shutters I’m making that will need to be painted soon this would be great for thst.

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