Easy fall burlap art

Yesterday, “clean out the car” was on my to-do list. It is really looking like a science fair project in there! But faced with the prospect of spending hours scrubbing ground-in fruit bites out of the floor mats, I decided to ignore the car and create some cute, fall-inspired wall art instead. Can you blame me? (I’m calling it art therapy. ;))

This project needed to be a $0 job. (After all, I couldn’t get back in that disgusting car to go buy anything.) So I scoured the house and found these two prints in the basement. I haven’t hung them in years, so out they came from their frames.


Then I scrounged some white matting from other frames in the basement and some burlap fabric I got at Haven from the folks at OnlineFabricStore. They really do have “wicked good” fabric, by the way. Gorgeous, fresh and modern.

I cut the burlap to fit the frames and stuck it to the frames’ cardboard backing using spray adhesive. This method ensures the burlap lays flat and smooth.


After the burlap was prepped, I went to town on a little birdie stencil I got at Haven from Royal Design Studio. I have learned that stenciling is an art that requires patience. Remember my curtain fiasco? If you’re not getting the results you want from your stencil projects, be sure to check out these stenciling tutorials.


The paint I used for the first birdie was the copper penny paint I got from Modern Masters.

Modern-Masters-metallic-paintI painted the second birdie with some chocolate brown acrylic paint. After both burlap pieces dried, I framed them and hung them in the living room.



The first signs of fall are now officially showing up in my home. What do you think of my $0 fall burlap art? Now I must go clean out the car. (Sigh.) 

I’m linking this up to Obsessive and Creative.

12 thoughts on “Easy fall burlap art

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog for the past several weeks. I find your posts entertaining, and inspiring to decorate! But I have one request: is it possible when I click on a link for it to automatically open in a new window? I like to click on your links for more inspiration but I don’t want to click too much and get too far away from you! I end up hitting back back back back back back to finish where I left off and then I’ve lost where I was going! Just asking…I might be the only one that jumps through internet pages like hula hoops. 😉

      • One question … do you know of any blogs you read that are set up to open a new window with every click? It would be helpful for me to see one so I can investigate how it works. Thanks again!

    • Jamie, we think we figured out how to get each link to open up in a new window. I’m going to try it out in next week’s posts, so I’m crossing my fingers it works. Thanks again so much for the feedback. So helpful!

  2. Cute! What a great way to combine two pieces of Haven swag into one project!

    “After all, I couldn’t get back in that disgusting car to go buy anything” made me laugh.


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