‘Cowboy’ grill packs

Happy Tuesday!

When you have a child who is a picky eater, you often need to get creative with naming your dishes. For example, the other evening I told Tiny we were making “cowboy packs” on the grill for dinner. (She is really into the cowboy/cowgirl thing right now.) It worked! She bee-bopped right up to the dinner table, excited and ready to try her “cowgirl” pack when it was ready.

To make these grill packs, I started with three large pieces of aluminum foil (one for each family member), spread out on the counter. I sprinkled some olive oil on each sheet to keep the food from sticking. Then I added pieces of deer meat (beef stew meat works great too), fresh broccoli, sweet red pepper, onion and potato.

I seasoned everything with fresh parsley from my kitchen garden, salt/pepper, garlic pepper and a bit more olive oil.

I made sure everything was evenly coated with the seasonings; then I covered each pack with another piece of aluminum foil. I rolled the edges to prevent leakage and poked two fork holes in each pack.

I tossed our packs on the grill (low/medium heat) for 10 minutes. Then I flipped them over and waited another 10 minutes. Done!

This is a fast, easy and healthy meal that even picky eaters will enjoy. The best part? There are very few dishes to clean up afterward. And for those of us sticking to the clean-sink challenge, that is music to our ears.

Do you have any easy grill recipes? I’d love for you to share them.

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11 Responses

  1. Jodie says:

    This looks delicious! Although we’re not deer meat eaters, I would use the beef.

  2. Danielle says:

    This looks delicious! I’ll have to try this one out next week! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  3. Pam P. says:

    We make these with chicken breasts and instead of olive oil I use a bottled Italian dressing (not the skinny kind) They are really quick and easy and delicious using whatever seasoning and veggies you like. Nice for the nights when my husband works late and can’t eat when we do. Also good grilled like this is shredded cabbage seasoned with olive oil, coarse salt and a sprinkle of garlic powder. I know, I know, I was skeptical too at first, but give it a try you won’t regret it. It makes a nice side dish to other grilled meats.
    Blessings and happy grilling!

  4. gail says:

    easy fixins for sure! 🙂 When my sister and I were very young, my mom served us l-i-v-e-r STEAK. She thought if she put the word steak after it, we would eat it. LOL I never ate it, my sister still loves liver, but won’t eat steak.

    I hope to meet you at Haven! Please mention these cowboy grill packs if we meet, because I know about 1,000 susans. 🙂 (and my memory is so bad)


  5. Oh I use to make these years ago and forgot all about it. They are fabulous and yours look soooooooo good. Great time saver and love the no clean up. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  6. Brittney says:

    Oh wow, I made a version of this just the other day; only it was chopped potatoes tossed in salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika and covered with a patty of seasoned ground turkey. It was pretty tasty but this looks even better! 🙂

  7. Marie Moore says:

    Tried these tonight, they were good but kind of soft and slimy. Your picture shows the vegetables having a slight black edge to it and they looked crispier. Any suggestions? Thanks. Love the seasoning and idea of it!

    • Susan says:

      Hmmm. Perhaps you need a few more fork holes to reduce the moisture a smidge. Or try a hotter grill and going with a little less olive oil. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. March 12, 2014

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