Father’s Day gift: New paint and hardware at the cabin

My parents have been seriously considering selling their current home and moving to the family cabin full-time, now that they’re empty nesters. The problem? The cabin needs a lot of TLC before it is move-in ready.

So this Father’s Day, I wanted to give my dad – from whom I’ve gotten most of my DIY savvy – the gift of new door hardware (and some sweat equity) for their soon-to-be retirement pad.

I ordered door hardware for all the camp’s exterior doors from Unhinge Hardware. This online store has one of the biggest selections I’ve seen of door and bath hardware at super low prices. Unhinge offers discounted prices, free shipping, next-day delivery and a meet-or-beat-any-price guarantee.


I chose EZ-Set levers and deadbolts in the Tuscan Bronze finish to enhance the cabin’s rustic vibe.

Dad and I spent Monday working together painting the exterior doors and window trim, installing the new door hardware, and sprucing up the front porch. This is what the front of the camp looked like when we started:


I painted the French doors first, while dad installed hardware on the back doors.


Dad has lots of great tricks of the trade he’s learned after a lifetime of working in the construction industry. I love to soak up his DIY knowledge every chance I get.


For example, one tip he shared yesterday: Use a screwdriver with a rubberized coating when attaching door hardware to avoid scratching the finish.

He also requested that all the locks be keyed alike, to avoid fumbling around with a bunch of different keys for the same home – a small, but important detail to remember when ordering.



After a day of painting, attaching hardware, and cleaning up the place, the camp is now starting to look a little more like a home.




It’s amazing what a difference some paint, hardware and a good scrubbing can make. What do you think of the transformation?


Special thanks to Unhinge Hardware for providing the hardware that made this Father’s Day gift possible. 

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2 Responses

  1. Danielle says:

    Hi Susan. I recently discovered your site and won the HomeRight deck brush contest. I have been working on my 1800 era home and there is still much to do. I have not tackled the deck yet but did receive the brush and am excited to give it a try. Thank you for the link to unhinge hardware. I was leaving the house today and said I needed new hardware. I already browsed the site. Any recommendations on the finish or is it just a personal preference? Also you mentioned having all the keys the same. Does unhinge provide this if you ask? Also, do you know if they can do front and back door locks the same? That would be great! Never knew it was an option.

    • Susan says:

      The Tuscan Bronze finish was just a personal preference for us. We requested that everything be keyed the same – both front and back doors and including the levers and the deadbolts, which they accommodated no problem. Just make sure to clearly indicate with your order that you want everything keyed the same. Best of luck with your project and thanks for stopping by, Danielle! 🙂

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