Kitchen sink update

OK. So I’m pretty sure you are all sink — oops, I mean sick — of hearing about my kitchen sink. I swear; this will be the last time I post about it for a long time (I think). I promise from here on out to post about everything but the kitchen sink (lol).

So you might remember me saying in my DIY project gone bad post that I would eventually replace my kitchen faucet with a cooler one. Well … eventually actually translated into last weekend. I know, people. I told you that when I get an idea in my head I. WILL. NOT. REST. UNTIL. IT. IS. DONE. It’s a sickness; what can I say?

Our old faucet looked like this (in case you don’t remember):

Our new faucet looks like this (drum roll, please):

Here’s a closeup of the cutie:

Here is the plumbing crew that installed it:

You’ll remember my lamenting about how I came to the conclusion that we needed to¬† keep our current sink base. Since it will be hanging around for, well, probably forever, I decided to at least give it a good polishing. It just wouldn’t be worthy of that beautiful, new faucet without one.

I used these two products and added some elbow grease to give it a good shine. Tip: Don’t waste your money on the Cameo aluminum and stainless steel cleaner. It didn’t really do much. The Get Clean Scour Off paste from Shaklee, however, continues to be one of my favorite cleaning products. There is not much this paste won’t remove.

Here is the final result:

The sink’s still got some scratches, but we’ll just call it character.

By the way, remember the lesson I learned last week about being content? One of my favorite DIY/decorating bloggers, Traci, just wrote a piece yesterday on that very subject. If you get a chance, you MUST check it out over at Beneath My Heart. It sums up exactly how I feel about this blog.

Have a blessed day.

This post is featured over at Beneath My Heart’s Best DIY Projects of November.

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  1. Joani says:

    Love that you did get a faucet and it looks fabulous. As well as the new shine on the sink. Great job. Thanks for sharing. Have a good day.

  1. November 17, 2011

    […] we replaced our sink faucet, it was time to focus on getting some more light in the room. Aside from the small light above the […]

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