Yard sale chair renovation

I picked up this beauty for $5 at a yard sale last year:

photo (8)

OK, so maybe “beauty” wouldn’t be the best word to describe a tired-looking wicker rocking chair with multiple layers of fading paint. But I saw enough potential there for a quick DIY refresh that I snagged it up in the hopes of turning it into additional seating for the covered front porch.

I finally got around to working on the chair early this week. I started by power-washing it to get rid of any chipping paint. A word of caution here: Power-washing wooden/wicker furniture may cause it to splinter and will roughen up the finish a bit. I didn’t bother sanding this piece, but if you want perfectly smooth results, you may want to add that step.

Using wood glue and an adjustable clamp, I glued down some spots on the chair that were coming unraveled. So far, the repairs are holding up great!

photo (9)

After the glue dried, I basically sprayed the whole thing with Krylon spray primer/paint in one. I chose a glossy khaki color similar to our home’s window and door trim. It took a total of three cans to cover everything well.

photo (10)

Here’s the final result:


This project took me about two hours to complete and cost me about $15 total (for the chair and the three cans of paint).


So what do you think of my “new” rocking chair?

24 thoughts on “Yard sale chair renovation

  1. It is absolutely beautiful. Before I paint wicker, I scrub – gently – with a brush, soap and water. I then squirt it down with a hose and leave it in the fun. I have good luck with this method. I love old wicker!

  2. I love it! I would have grabbed that chair and hopped and skipped all the way home! I have an attic full of old wicker that I haven’t had the time or tools to work on. It is on my bucket list to finish taking care of those pieces.
    Good wicker is a treasure. You did a great job on this piece.

  3. It is lovely! If it was all solid white, it would match all my wicker on my front porch. I need to do some wood gluing on my one rocker. Over time, they will fade and if they get wet, they will rot apart at the joints. This means keeping snow off them too. Great job! Wicker is expensive to replace.

  4. The chair is beautiful! I’m planning on making some time to re-place a few pieces of siding using your technique!

  5. I love it! I need to start stocking up on garage sale lawn furniture for when we buy a house next spring. I checked out the prices of new furniture, and it’s crazy expensive. Plus, I like the eclectic lawn furniture look better anyways!

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